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A little piece about letting go of a big love
How do you force yourself out of love?
I believe you were sent from up above.
Our paths were crossed with intent,
We have big goals, dreams unspent.

You drive me forward, make me strong.
I can't believe that God was wrong.
He gave you to me, I fell so fast.
Is it possible we weren't meant to last?

You're held down by your restraints,
I stay quiet, withhold complaints.
I ask for nothing but your time,
Yet I so wish that you were mine.

You don't want me to be another tie,
Telling me that your love is a lie.
I know you cared, for a while,
Now you live in safe denial.

I can feel it as you seep away,
Despite the times I hope and pray.
I ask Him daily for a sign,
An insight into His design.

This pain is just too much to bear,
When I need you most you're never there.
I hate to say what I know,
It's time for me to let you go.

Goodbye my love, my beautiful man.
I'm sorry this was all in His plan.
You'll always have hold of my heart,
No matter how far we are apart.

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