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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2247833
Tilly Anne's journey.

Gabriel looked up as a figure entered his presence. He smiled when he saw who it was.
“Tilly Anne! Good to finally meet you. Please come in!”
The greying woman in a blue robe moved forward. Her gait was tentative and she used her vestigial wings to fan her hot face.
“I asked to see you, because I’m curious. How did you get lost on the way to Heaven?”
Tilly Anne said: “Do you mind if I sit down first, it’s a long story!”
“Of course! Sit here!”
With rapid motions of his hands, the powerful angel shaped a rocking chair out of a comfortable cloud.
Tilly Anne sighed as she sank into it.
“I’m sorry, where was I?”
Gabriel gave her a gentle look.
“Start at the beginning,” he urged.
“Well, as you probably know I died. It was so sudden, it took me by surprise. While I was with the others, I decided I just wasn’t ready yet. I had so much planned, you see, so I simply went back home.”
“You mean your earthly home?” the angel asked.
“Yes, but when I woke up the next morning, I found myself in the Waiting Room!”
“I know, I put you there.”
“You did?”
“You needed time, so I made you monitor of the room. Besides, I knew you loved to knit!”
“So that’s why I have been making blankets and throwing them heavenward?”
“Yes, as you finish each one and add it to the stars, the souls waiting in the room move on to heaven. Your job is important, Tilly Anne. Please say you like it and want to continue for a while.”
Tilly Anne beamed.
“You’ll know when you’re ready to move on. Knit me a message and send it to the stars, and we’ll talk!”

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