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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sports · #2247890
A boastful wrestler meets his come-uppance.
Who Wins?

I’m going to win against anyone today,” Fierro assured the crowd at the top of his voice. He flexed his bulging muscles and posed while striding around the ring.
A mild mannered man carrying a gym bag over one shoulder watched him with a slight smile on this face. The wrestler’s eye fell on him and he stopped. He leaned down to glare in his face.
Letting out a mighty roar that made the other man’s hair blow around, the champion of Italy straightened. Satisfied that he had intimidated the weakling spectator, Fierro resumed strutting and boasting.
The man he’d tried to intimidate looked at the poster on the wall again. He asked the man beside him a question. That man pointed.
Following his directions, the scholarly looking man went over and spoke to the referee. The referee looked him up and down then shrugged.
The referee stepped up to the microphone and said:
“We have a new challenger for Fierro, Bruce!”
The crowd began joking and laughing when he stepped into the ring. Fierro stared and began to roar with laughter too.
“This is the pipsqueak I fight? I can beat him with both hands tied behind my back!”
The man began to redden with rage, then he transformed. Now huge and green, he didn’t wait for the bell, but went on the attack. Fierro had no chance.
“Had enough sparring practice yet, Hulk?” said Captain America from the sidelines.”
“One more smash,” Hulk said.
As they carried the unconscious and bloody Fierro away, Hulk turned slowly back into Dr. Bruce Banner and began putting on the spare set of clothes he had in the gym bag that Captain America handed to him.
“Time to go buddy, I’m starved!” Banner said to Captain America as they left.

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