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by Aaa
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WIP interactive chapter for Yu-Gi-Oh Girls World by batjap
(Not sure why I mentioned Hassleberry with white hair when it doesn't match the art. Oh well, what's done is done, might ass well run with it now)

Atticus run like the wind, as far as his legs would take in, in no particular direction. He didn't stop to check if they were giving chase, and only stopped when he couldn't run any longer. He didn't know what the fuck was going on anymore, and the only clues he had pointed to something extremely disturbing. Chazz, Jaden, and Hassleberry had all vanished, and now there were three girls he had never seen before, one of whom was using a deck exactly the same as Chazz, only with this deck, the monsters all seemed to be female.

He felt like he was missing something, that this was a jigsaw puzzle with a crucial piece lost. He racked his brain for anything, but the closest he could get was that whoever this girl was had been gifted Chazz's deck with a few edits to it. Still, it didn't explain why she spoke like Chazz, or even looked like a mirror copy of Chazz, only a woman. He needed to find Zane, he always seemed to have answers.


It took a great deal of effort to get close without being seen, but Zane now had an eye on a two duels, two Ra students facing off against the brown haired girl and the white haired girl. He could even hear the way he spoke, from up on the cliff top. The girl with brown hair spouted Jaden's annoying catch phrases, and used Elemental Heroine's. The white haired girl called the one with brown hair Sarge, and used Dinosaur themed cards.

He knew for a fact know Syrus spoke the truth. When the duel was over, the two men were left as women themselves, in ill fitting clothes, and were told to report to what had been the Blue Dorm. It was Jaden and Hassleberry for a fact. This was dangerous, whatever field card they were using gave them a lead right out the gate, and could be the power that transformed people. But he couldn't dare get any closer to check.

Through his binoculars, he saw Jaden look right at him, and blow him a kiss. "You'll join us soon Zane, and then you can shed that silly broody personality and dark clothes. You can serve the light dressed in white blouses, skirts, and heels, it's simply divine!" She said, giggling. Zane knew they'd be looking for him, so he wasted no time in leaving, intending to get ahead of them. He couldn't avoid dueling them, that would be cowardly, and they'd find him eventually.

He needed to defeat them. It was the only option to get rid of the brainwashing short of abduction and trying to remove it. Doing that would be almost impossible, the 'White Dorm' was becoming a fort, a headquarters for the Society. No, he needed to lure them somewhere, and he needed to alter his deck. That field card was to dangerous to leave on the field, he needed ways to destroy it, and he needed to find Atticus.


Atticus didn't know how far he ran before he found Zane, only that he was exhausted, confused, and desperate.Catching his breath, leaning on a tree, he stood there for a few minutes before Zane appeared out of the shadows. "Hand me your deck." Zane demanded gruffly. "What? Why?!" Atticus countered. "Because you idiot, you need a better strategy against their field card. Do you have any idea who you're up against?!"

"No, why not explain it Mr Know it all?!" Atticus didn't have time to be vague, he needed answers. "All I know is that girl had Chazz's deck and copies his phrases, I didn't see any field card." He said, crossing his arms. If Atticus had never seen the field card, then he obviously wouldn't know what it does. It seemed Atticus had it almost figured out, he was missing a big piece of evidence though. "Their field card gives all female monsters an advantage, and it turns any male who loses a duel into a woman." Zane told him.

At once, Atticus knew the horrible truth. "It turns losers into girls... So that girl wasn't acting like Chazz, she IS Chazz! Oh what the fuck! What about the others? Surely Jaden hasn't lost, he's got to be here somewhere." Atticus said, hoping more then anything. Jaden was young, but an amazing duelist, and they needed his help. "I've got bad news, Jaden and Hassleberry are gone. They're with Alexis now."

That shattered Atticus' plans. "So three of the best male are lost. Any plans? Because right now it seems like a worst case scenario. Anyone else lost? What about Bastion, he wasn't at the meeting, did they get him?" He asked. Another figure, dressed in Ra Yellow walked out of the shadows. "No, they haven't. I've been lying low ever since Jaden vanished. Us three are the best that are left, it's up to us to end this, and if we can't, we go scorched earth, cut off all possible exits from the island. Escape if we can, if not, so be it."

"It might seem harsh, but Sartorius is dangerous. We have no idea what he's planning with that cult of his, and no idea why he has Alexis transforming men into women." Zane said, shuffling some new cards like Mystical Space Typhoon into Atticus' deck. "For all we know he's planning world domination. Whatever it is, brainwashing people isn't a good sign. Bastion, me and Atticus are going to challenge two of them. Keep as close an eye as you dare on the game, and run like hell if we start to lose."

Bastion nodded, and watched as the two men set off, he dearly hoped it wasn't to their doom. He followed at a distance, and settled on a cliff nearby, watching with binoculars while Zane and Atticus marched up to the White Dorm, calling out Alexis for a challenge. Two girls came out, from what he had been told, the brown haired girl had been Jaden, while the black haired one used to be Chazz. The two seemed rivals, yet oddly enough attracted to each other, as Chazz blushed when Jaden blew a kiss at him, or rather her. What on earth had Alexis done to them?

"Alexis, send out your minions, we know you can hear us. We know what you've done." Zane said, placing his deck into his duel disk alongside Atticus. "The game's up little sis. Your reign of madness stops today, Sartorius will never win. Inside the White Dorm, Alexis groaned as she listened to them. Could these dweebs not leave her alone? Why seek her out when her girls would find them eventually. "Juliana, Carly, get down there now, and teach them a lesson."

The two girls put on their duel disks, placed their decks inside, and marched out. Ï dedicate this duel to my lovely rival, and number three duelist, Carly Princeton." Juliana said, blowing a kiss at Carly, to which the other girl blushed. "This madness ends now. I don't know what power Alexis has, but I intend on sending you two back to reality." Zane angrily stated. "Oh Zane, why can't you just accept we're happier like this. It's really not so bad, Mistress Alexis has places for you both in her group, whether you join willingly or not. Now, get ready to Carly it up!"

The rules were simple. Each team shared the same 8000 Life Points. Only one field card at a time per team, alternating turns.
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