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Teardrops - Moving art, Bachata dance to Lagrimas by Aventura
The figure hugging outfit, a stretchy black lace top matched with shiny black leather pants, delights the eyes and frames her body to perfection. She has the look of both gymnast and dancer, few can surpass her presence on the dance floor. He is strong, stocky, square to her curves. Those trousers he wears always threatening to slide down, giving him the perfect foil for his fingers, twitching them as he dances. As individuals they grab your eye, but together their presence somehow expands.

When the music begins they instantly become one, sliding together in a soft seduction of the audience. Lagrimas is full of little crescendos and changes of pace. You imagine the teardrops forming in the slow sections and then sliding down as the pace changes and her body twirls around his. His torso is the pole she dances up and around, the muscles she displays as she performs enhancing rather than clashing with her sexuality. A sudden change of beat and she drops in to the perfect splits. Blink and she is on the move again. He has her safe at every point, a swaying sliding rock that somehow keeps time and presents the perfect foil to her shapes and rhythm.

In my head I see Vettriano’s art, a too smart couple dancing on the beach in evening dress. The dancers in front of me have that same mesmerising connection, the world is looking on but they are alone in their world of rhythm and feelings.

Judge for yourself: Azael and Sindy’s New Bachata Moves 2019 Pt 2 (YouTube). https://youtu.be/VygLfn4AuQU
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