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I'm no poet, but occasionally a verse assails me. This is where I hide them...
                   Quiet Dawn

Sunrise came on stealthy feet,
         Cloaked in gray, waking none.
Brutal summer soon to come,
         Killing heat, blinding sun.
What a lovely waking treat,
         As I rise to greet a gentle morn.

[Jack Tyler, 18 May 2021]

                   Borrow Me

Borrow me, my precious love,
         As I have borrowed you,
And we will live a joyous life
         Until our time comes due.

Though the road be winding,
         And the skies not always blue,
Every day will have its sun
         As long as I'm with you.

And when we stand before the Judge,
         Asked how we liked the view,
I'll be proud to say 'twas fabulous,
         And what made it so was you.

[Jack Tyler, 11 April 2021]

                   Leading . . .

Imagine what we could have been
         If those we choose to lead
Were as interested in helping
         As they are in hate and greed.

[Jack Tyler, 6 April 2021]
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