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Sometimes, wishes are your best gift to help the Earth. Writing 4 Kids contest, April 2021
“Just a weed seed?” said the tree,
so kindly, and smiled.
“Oh no, not to me,”
as he bent with great creaking and groaning
that somehow seemed to be
an ordinary thing to do.

When you're small,
so very, very young,
eyes filled with wonder
and belief in SO much more than
heaven and earth can reveal...
then and only then,
can you see the kindly ancient face
with 'hair' branches rising high above,
filled with chattering squirrels. twittering birds;
fluffy bunnies and a friendly fox
far below.

One great side branch
bends forward –
an arm,
offering a simple, full blown milkweed thistle.
“Make a wish as you blow on it, my boy,”
says the tree and his eyes twinkle,
“And each floaty seed will take your wish
on the breeze,
on the wings of floating thistle fairies
on high,
on their way to Santa at the North Pole.
He catches them all year round
you see,
granting some through the year,
for you and for me.”

And the small boy waited
for the exact right breeze,
and wished and blew,
waving and saying,
“Bye bye fairy.
Fly away home.”

The Tree swayed gently
from side to side.
'Be always kind
and be always free,'
smiled the Tree.
And the small boy skipped
as he went on his way,
happy with his wish
for this Earth Day.

(48 lines)
(229 words)

**2nd prize winner
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