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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2248430
A murder in a junkyard.

Constable Bascom finished reading his notes and slapped the book shut. Inspector Aubrey steepled his index fingers under his nose. Bascom stirred restlessly then blurted out:
“Well Sir?”
“Well what?”
“Should we investigate?”
“Do you have any evidence?”
“Of course, Inspector, more than we need!”
“How’s that, Constable?” Aubrey perked up.
“The alleged crime took place in a junkyard.”
Aubrey fixed his glacial eyes on Bascom.
“That’s irrelevant, Constable. I want you to take the lead on this one.”
Bascom gulped. The Inspector was notorious for handing a case that was tough to a subordinate to avoid taking the blame when was unsolved. Bascom stood up and snapped a salute at his superior.
“That’s the spirit, Bascom! I’ll expect a preliminary report in two days,” Aubrey said.
Bascom drove his squad car to the scene of the crime. Animal Control was taking the dog that guarded the place into custody. He was covered in blood that didn’t seem to be his own.
The constable asked they not touch him until the Forensic Unit had a chance to process him back at the station. Bascom joined the coroner who was examining the body.
“See a cat or cats around here, John?” the coroner asked him.
“No, why?”
“He does have dog bites, but they’re post-mortem. It was some kind of cat that made him bleed out. Do junkyards have cats?”
“I don’t know, I look for some!”
It didn’t take long for him to find the cat. But it was no ordinary cat. Bascom called the zoo and they sent out men to capture the lynx he found.
“So, the junkyard lynx did it, when the owner of the place tried to kill him.”
“So, we can close the book on this one?”
“Yes Sir, A clear case of self-defense.”

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