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Rated: E · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2248493
Marvelous Melnish meets a mobster.

The time traveler appeared suddenly in the den of a strange mansion. He looked around.
“Where am I this time?” he said aloud.
“Somewhere you shouldn’t be, my friend!” said a heavily accented voice.
Marvelous Melnish started, then stared at the man behind the desk. His eyes widened.
“Mr. Capone,” he stammered as he looked frantically for a door.
There’s no escape, so don’t bother trying. Take a seat,” the gangster said menacingly.
Seeing no other way out, Melnish sat where Capone indicated.
“Now,” the kingpin said as he pulled out a pistol and placed it on the desk in front of him.
“Who are you?”
“I’m a magician.”
“How did you get here?” The mobster’s tone hardened.
“You won’t believe me,” Melnish assured him.
“Give it a try anyway.”
Melnish swallowed dryly at the fiery look in the crook’s eyes. Hesitantly, the magic man began to tell his story. About half way through, the ruthless mobster held up one meaty hand.
“That’s a crock! You somehow got past my men and came in here to off me. Who are you working for?”
“I…I…I’m not working for anybody!” Melnish finally managed to say.
A stream of Italian curses followed that answer. Capone picked up the gun and cocked it. He pointed it at the hapless Melnish as he gritted:
“Enough of this! Talk now!”
Melnish began to sweat profusely.
“You better tell me everything or you’re dead. Nobody will ever find your body either, because I got a pair of cement shoes just your size.”
The magician opened his mouth but nothing came out.
“Holding out on me only makes me madder, so I’d make up my mind to answer if I were you!”
Without warning, the gangster pulled the trigger, while at the same time, Marvelous Melnish disappeared.

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