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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2248608
My Inner Child Arises -- The Whatever Contest April 2021 (structured)
Concentrating my all to commune
with my Inner Child, to be in tune.

Some days it's so simple… she's right there.
Now I want to share, but don't know where.

I'm not going to close my eyes this time,
and make the concentration too sublime

I need to stare deeply into the mirror,
eyes glaze over, then vision is clearer.

Revealing her in my darkest depth,
so pure, so strong, she steals my breath

I know she's there, patiently waiting,
renewing my life, and recreating.

I know she hides; she can't believe
I'm different now; not so naive.

Perchance I'll summon up memories
of long ago, childish wannabes.

Entice her to trust me again?
And forgive me for neglect way back when?

Reliving dreams of jewels and black lace,
at an age when they're not out of place.

Though not quite prepared for the forehead jewel;
maybe a texta drawing of a crescent moon is cool?

A smile sneakily creeps across my face…
A brave wannabe? No. Not a trace.

Too many years before that larrikin trait
Made thinnest ice the place to skate

Full of dreams and plans and hopes,
Great hills to climb,slide down the slopes.

So many tries and fails, trips and falls,
Before I hear that small voice, that calls and calls.

First a long journey, always another door.
Eyes closed tightly, my child waits some more.

Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest

Word/Line Count: 232 words/32 lines

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