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This poem is for all the bird mothers.

I collect all the twigs and twines
For my dearly beloved child
I roam around from nine
Even when I am tired
‘Cause our lives are intertwined

Searching for a balcony is not a task
But I want to keep my child safe
Cooing with an empty mask
So I’ll protect and outbrave

I can’t wait for my chick
Enter into this ruthless world
And its time for it to creak
Hatch the eggs and hurled

The mother flapped her wings in content
In the arrival of her offspring
Now when it has transpired
She kisses it and swings

The feathers started to grow
For the baby flows in the strangely stippled sky
And watches out the colors and the snow
Even if it falls it has to try

Now that she met her brood
She cries in agony to see her child
And worries if it found the food
For the love it reminds
Warm and mild
As it turns back to its nest.

~Deepti Dangat
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