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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Nature · #2248721
Peony tries a rain spell.
Precipitation Of A Different Color

Ollias, the Weather Maker decided the world was in desperate need of rain. So as an exercise for his apprentice Peony, he tasked her with making it rain.
Pulling out his conjuring cards, he showed her how to do the different forms of rain.
“Light rain will not be enough in this case, I think a medium rain that lasts all day would be the best solution,” he told her.
Peony looked at the fistful of cards in bewilderment.
“Are you sure I’m ready for such a serious task, Master?” she said.
“You’ll do just fine! Simply follow the card marked MedPrecip to the letter. I’m off to town for supplies and food.”
Peony saw him off on a mare’s tail cloud, then sighed.
“Master Ollias always says ‘one learns best by doing’. So here goes!”
The Weather Maker was just leaving the last store, ladened with baskets, sacks and jars when it began to blow up a storm. He looked up at the clouds.
“Peony was not supposed to make storm clouds! How odd! They are more than just grey!”
Opening the umbrella that was part of his wizard’s cap, Ollias started home. Before he got more than one thousand feet, thick yellow drops began to fall. Soon he was coated with a slippery yellow substance which for some reason made him sneeze violently.
He finally decided to take shelter under a rock ledge until it was safe to continue. Although the drops soon ceased, the way was slippery. Every time the old wizard sneezed, he fell down. Soon he summoned a magic zephyr to dry him while it blew him home.
As he staggered in the door, Peony gasped.
“How did you make the rain yellow?” asked Ollias.
“Pollen,” said the ex-flower fairy.

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