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I've used dialogue only to spread the idea of an MRI, that uses resonance
She has no mri.

What do you mean, she has on mri?

The lady in bay three has on baseline mri!

Does not she have an eye exam or dental check we use for a basic head mri?

Not so much as tailors set of body measurements.

How can we tell what's wrong with her if we have no baseline to measure changes against?

What are you laughing at old man.

Old man is it, to find out what has happened ask your patient, check her signs and symptoms.

Patients lie.

Her arm bend where people don't have a joint, and she said she did it when she fell off her horse. Sam, Fix her broken arm and then ask if there is a reason why she fell of the horse.

Patients lie

Sometimes they do. Usually, they just try to be too helpful. To tell you what they think you want to hear. now go.

How could a human being get to be that old without having had multiple mris,

Seven years ago when I was a junior Dr, ran mri was a massive, sensitive expensive bit of equipment, unlike now. It needed to be housed in its own shielded building.


It used massive pulses from superconducting magnets, and the return signal was tiny.

How could they discriminate between different tissues?

I know. The modern arraignment of coils in a stepper motor setup. Operating continuously at the frequency of the tissue you interested in, making it resonate, producing a strong return signal.

Like the one in the doorway of almost every dress shop is tuned to look just at the skin, it takes all of my measurements as I walk in so I always get a dress that fits me perfectly.

And if you want to get a reading on the whole body, you just scan through the frequency at which the stepper motor stator is exciting the tissues.

I've fixed her arm. She said she fell over trying to jump onto her horse. I've packed her off to cardiology with a note saying suspected positional hypotension. She's their problem now.

See you can practice medicine without a mri to tell you what's wrong, and the Dr Foster AI to tell you what you have to do.

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