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I'm wicked, evil and outrageous.
Clutching the trigger,
unleashing bullets out the barrels.
I’m a supervillain murdering heroes.
I’m frozen and just chilling like an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Yeah, I’m an old man and still rap dealing during below zero.
I don’t need a lawyer.
So if y’all touch me,
I can’t sue y’all
I just grab the pistol and shoot y’all.
And I got mad toys
That will make excessive noises.
While y’all in the process of getting destroy.
I’m the truest. The purest.
I was born to this.
Step up to me and get torn by a kiss.
Na! I’m not gay, It just funny.
And I’m tatted with a playboy bunny.
Walking up to me is like walking through a tornado storm.
Y’all will never challenge me, damn well,
y’all comprehend your fate is doom.
I’m extraordinary tough, diamond solid.
Try me and enter the realm of squalid
Hit y’all with this aggressive negative energy.
I’ve swarm, I will terminate all my enemies.
I’m wicked, evil, and outrageous without empathy.
In this rap game, I’m the giant without adversity.

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