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Flash fiction, 300 words. The journey of a comet traveling Earthbound.
Traversing space and time, a comet embarked on what would become a final journey. Weightless, it hurtled through the dark void, earthbound, unable to resist the alluring magnetism of our planet's gravitational pull.

Once that energy reached through a chain of atoms to this colossal fusion of ice and gas; the hooks were firmly embedded into its rocky surface. Earth was serving as a siren in a starlight sea, beckoning this ancient formation to meet its fated destruction. An ending; billions of years in the making.

Before, it had been caressed in the orbit of the brightest star, circling with a warm apricot glow graced upon it, bestowed by the kisses of the sun. Inanimate in nature, yet lead an existence of unprecedented beauty. Eventually, the exposure decreased the density that solidified the position it once followed.

Drifting away through the infinite blackness allowed it to avoid plummeting closer and becoming engulfed in flames.

Sparred from a swift finale, the comet coasted across Mercury, unfortunately, this small celestial sphere lacked the strength to extend a significant reach.

Venus followed, an orb drenched in shadows, again not strong enough to invite such a large object to join its outskirts in galactic cohesion.

Then came Earth, the emitter of the irresistible signal. Broad in range and size, the comet reached orbit with ease, yet plunged further with the constant build-up of momentum. As a result, it penetrated the atmosphere, burning up in the process and fragments broke away off the sides, cascading into hundreds of tiny shards.

The main bulk of the fireball crashed along the countryside, scorching the surrounding area for miles around and eradicating all life that was crushed beneath it.

Citizens sought answers, bewildered such an event could happen undetected under NASA’s watch. Their official response, “that information is classified”.
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