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Flash Fiction, 300 words. Strength at face value, lonely with despair. David seeks help.
“Goodnight Angel”, David spoke softly as he leaned to give his two-year-old daughter a bedtime kiss.

“Love you!” she chirped back, with a beaming smile stretching cheek to cheek.

“I love you too, darling”

David slowly pulled the door closed, giving a wink before it was completely shut.

Another evening had drawn to a close. This is often a time where a single parent relishes their time to relax. For this father, however, this marked the start of a daily struggle. A problem that got worse, but on this night; his life would be changed forever.

Regularly as clockwork, David slouched on the sofa, beer in hand and classical music filling the room. The television always remained on to the last cartoon channel they watched together. A flurry of colors danced on the screen, which did not register to him, as he stared past it. This began his existential nightmare.

“We’re not getting anywhere,” he’d groan, hoping to snap himself out of it.

He then contemplated the guarantee of his death, with great sadness. No more would he see the glimmer in his daughter’s eyes, hear her contagious laugh, nor relish that angelic voice.

All a matter of time. A sad fact.

Playing these emotional thoughts in tune to the piano playing in the background, tears trickled onto his hand, before landing on the carpet.

Just as this experience felt all too familiar, the thoughts deepened. They grew darker.

The only joy David found in life was with her, outside of that, he coasted half-heartedly. That self-realization struck him with guilt. Then he questioned the value of him being around measured up.

“Would she be better off without me?!” this thought rained heavily on David’s mind.

At that moment, he dropped the bottle for the phone and called for help.
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