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Rated: E · Short Story · Ghost · #2249095
Flash Fiction, 299 words. Awakened at night to a prescience that has no explanation.
“How did you get in here?” I called out in the night, my eyes full of gunge, almost dead to the world. Aroused from a deep slumber, stricken awake by your fluorescent aura. It took my mind a few thought cycles to adjust to what stood by the bedroom door. There you stood staring back at me, a silhouette the size of a young child.

I’d never expected to see such a sight. If you would have played this scenario in one’s own imagination: panic and the need to escape spring to mind. Adrenaline pumping like never before while the heart tries to pound out your own throat.

None of those feelings occurred, instead, I felt a serene warmth when looking back at you. Peacefulness, companionship, and most of all; love. That connection spread through space between us. Tiny vibrations flowed up through my arms, tingling fingertips and coursing in my veins. The electricity of positive feelings, flowing at a comfortable rhythm. The closest experience to nirvana.

It hadn’t occurred to me that you would be the reason the floorboards creaked, the curtains blew when the windows were closed and ornaments moving out the corner of my periphery. The culprit was you all this time.

Just as I anticipated this to be some dream for reality to pinch me out of, you glided across the room by my side. There I saw you, a stunningly beautiful girl, with a face as pale as moonlight. Your expression went from joy to sorrow, and you faded away.

Since then I’ve learned the previous owner of this house was taken to a retirement home. Was your visitation for them? Now they’re gone somewhere beyond your grounding, perhaps you departed to await them in the afterlife. I just hope you’ve set yourself free.
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