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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2249286
her feet grow, yeah

*note* This is from the High School Foot Expansion Interactive story by Stickler. I wrote a bunch of them for Elizabeths path and I figured I would compilate them here. If anyone wants to copy this and finish it for themselves go ahead, and if you do, don't credit me as a co-writer, just make it as your own piece. I plan on deleting my account and everything within the next month so get it while you can.

For the Sections I did not write I gave credit to the person.

Path: Which class? > Math > Elizabeth > Elizabeth Get's knocked out and captured

WRITTEN BY: Stickler

There are currently five girls studying math. Maya is a creative girl who doesn't like math much, but isn't failing. Cassandra sits in the back of class with her shoes off. She doesn't pay much attention in class. Veronica isn't a morning person and looks like she just came out of the shower every day. Elizabeth isn't very bright, but she's a nice girl. Adriana is plays soccer for the school's team and doesn't like math much.


Elizabeth usually struggles throughout school. It seems like no matter hard she works at it she could never get a grade higher than a C+. She always relies on her friend Lori for help on homework and whatnot but when it came to tests she could never remember the house of information she would study days prior. On top of struggling academically, she also struggled socially. She struggles with basic conversations and usually gets teased for being slightly taller than an average of 5ft 11in. Getting names like Bigfoot and giant were always thrown at her every time she stumbled into someone in the hallway. She is not very good on her feet, as her balance is way off, mostly coming from her already massive size 12(us) feet. After hearing about this virus going around causing the girl's feet to grow to massive lengths, she became very fearful as that could mean even more teasing.

No cases had been reported yet, but she did note that her other friend Amy skipped class today, telling Elizabeth that she was going shoe shopping.

Weird. Elizabeth thought Amy had always been one to care a lot about her academics, it was weird that she would skip class just to go shoe shopping. But then Elizabeth felt her stomach rumble. Also weird, she wasn't hungry, yet her stomach just growled at her like she skipped breakfast again. Then a sharp pain coming from her feet shot up through her.

"oof" Elizabeth exclaims as she looks down to see what the commotion was all bout under her desk. A horrid sight as she sees 10 small indents in the front of her all-black converse. "no no no not me please not me" But she didn't have a say in the matter. Her feet were growing, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her friend Lori in the seat next to her notices Elizabeth squirming in her seat. She has her elbows on the desk with her hands propping up her chin. She is almost whimpering as he slides her shoes back and forth across the ground.

"You ok Lizzy?"

"It happen to me Lori" Elizabeth stresses as Lori starts to hear a stretching sound coming from Elizabeth's now size 12.5 feet. "Lori I want to leave before I be seen" She fumbles her words as she starts packing her bag to leave the classroom. Lori wouldn't mind getting out a little early as school ends in about 5 minutes anyway. They sneak out of the classroom into the barren hallways.

"Did you get the virus?" Lori asks.

"Me think so" Elizabeth blurts as the indents in her shoes become even more prominent. Just then the bell rings, marking the end of Friday.

"WOOOO WEEEKEND" Some random kid screams sprinting down the school hallway before the massive crowds that follow.

"You need to get to the bus, c'mon!" Lori says as she grabs Elizabeth's hand and almost runs down the hall to the bus loop.

"It hurts Lori" Elizabeth cries as she stumbles down the hallway. Every step was a new kind of pain. Coming from the tightness of her shoes as well as her constantly tripping over massive soles. Elizabeth was not athletic at all, although she was very tall, she was a little chubby and didn't have good running form in the slightest. Especially with her now size 13 feet dragging her down with every step. They make it out the door and Elizabeth trips on the ground and scraps her knee hard on the ground.

"Lizzy you gotta pick your feet up!"

"But Lori! They are too big now to-"

"C'MON LETS GO!" Lori interrupts her, always seeing her friend get bullied over her height and feet makes her feel the need to protect her in every way possible, especially since she can't speak well to get herself out of those situations. She couldn't even imagine the ridicule that would ensue with her now size 13.5 flippers. Lori helps her friend up and drags her along to her bus.

"I'll call you when I get back alright?"

"Ok thank you Lori" Elizabeth walks to the back of the bus after greeting the friendly bus driver. She sits down in the back seat and watches as the bus fills up with eager students waiting to get home, away from the prison they called school. The pain in Elizabeth's feet never went away though, as she felt another sharp blow to her big now size 14 feet. It's a miracle that her converse is still holding together at this point. The indents in the front of her shoe look like they will pop any minute while the back of her shoe showing her heel, overlapping the sole of the converse as it too is stretched beyond belief. The bus takes off from its spot and luckily she has the back of the bus all to herself.

"ohhh please stop" She whispers to her feet as they continue to grow. Her toes are scrunched up against the front of the shoe as her foot swells to a size 14.5. She looks above the seat to see a bunch of kids, going crazy and acting like literal monkeys. Throwing paper airplanes, jumping over seats, and more. Then she feels something weird on her shoe, she looks down to see that Brandie was under the seat in front of her, and grabbed her ankle, and was sucking on the front of Elizabeth's shoe.

"Brand! what you doing?"

"I saw you trip on the sidewalk and I got a sight of your beautiful feet." Brandie seductively moans to Elizabeth. Brandie was a shorter girl at 5'2" brown curly hair and big beautiful brown eyes right above her freckled face. Brandie was that weird girl in school that would not shut up about this show she watched. It was about tall girls and their struggles through life and their feet and such. It didn't occur to her until now that Brandie was always trying to hit on Elizabeth, as she was the tallest in her class, but Elizabeth never picked up on it.

"But they are humungous, why would you li-"

"That's what I love about them sweetie" Brandie flirts in between her licks. "I've always loved tall girls with massive feet, I was hoping that drink would get to you." Elizabeth wondered why her milk at lunch has a little bit of a tangy taste to it.


Elizabeth's right foot just exploded out of her converse. Now her socked toes and heel were now poking out of the front and back of her shoe.

"MMMMmmmm" Brandie moans as she has the front of Elizabeth's left shoe completely in her mouth. She watched that happen and it was like a dream come true. She always imagined what Elizabeth's feet might look like and now she was one step closer to seeing it for herself.

"UUUuuuuugh Brandie you might want to take cover." Brandie looks up to see Elizabeth looking down at her. She had a worrying expression on her face as she tastes the threads of her strained shoe in her mouth. She winks at Elizabeth as...

BANG!! Her sock-covered toes burst out of the shoe and the middle three stretches out into Brandie's mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Brandie moans quite loudly as her eyes roll to the back of her head. She continues to suck on the sweaty feet of the giantess of her school. Which was now a size 15.5.

"Brandie I don't know if this is right," Elizabeth said confusingly. She didn't like this much attention on her feet but at the same time, the feeling of someone sucking her big sexy toes soothed the pain of the growth. Elizabeth puts her head back and tries to pretend this girl is not sucking on her big stinky toes. But at the same time, it felt so good for someone to treat her like a queen to ease her pain.

"MMmmmmMMMmmmmMMMmmmmmMMMmmmm" Brandie's moaning shakes as she bobbed her head up and down on Elizabeth's ever-growing toes. As her foot grew to a massive size 16 her toes and heels started to form tears in the shoe Brandie was not sucking.

"OOOooo Brandie please" She jolts as the toes on her other foot are now getting sucked on like a popsicle. She didn't know whether to tell her to stop or suck hard. It felt so good yet it was so weird.

"ooooo Elizabeth please" Brandie mocks Elizabeth as she puts all 5 toes in her mouth at the same time. This was Brandie's best day of her life. She gets to suck on the best toes in the school, which are also now the largest ones in the school. She wants to dive into her soles as well but she can't as her converse still have a death grip on the sides of her shoes. As she sucked on her right foot she got a perfect view of the left sole, as it shook and squirmed all over the place. Then Elizabeth turns that foot sideways to show Brandie the sole of her toes and heel. A hole in the heel of the sock was stretching larger as the massive thick toes spread wide. Her big toe and the one next to it were sticking out of a hole generated from her now size 16.5 sexy soles. Even though they were quite soft, they were not very well taken care of as she could see some calluses and a little bit of dead skin around the heel and toes. But that didn't matter as the size and perfect shape of them easily made up for it.

"MMMMMMMUHHH" Brandie moaned so loud she was almost screaming. Her eyes locked into the back of her head as she moved her way down to the heel of the same mammoth of a sole she had been sucking so intensly.

Elizabeth was one of the last stops on the route and knew that this was going to be a long ride.


The bus rolls to a stop, It's the subdivision that Brandie lived in, but Brandie didn't notice as she was still sucking on Elizabeth's massive plump heel.

"Brandie I think this is your stop," Elizabeth says to Brandie, now leaning over to look at Brandie. Brandie looks around and says.

"Yeah, it's your stop as well." Looking up seductively at Elizabeth's cute face. Brandie then jumps up and covers Elizabeth's mouth with a white cloth. Elizabeth struggles for a second before her vision starts to go dark and eventually she passed out.

She felt hot, the room was stuffy, and she was sweating bullets. She starts to open her tired eyes and notices the room was pitch black. She couldn't see a single thing except for a faint light underneath the door. She looks down to see that she is still wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt that she wore to school today. But instead of only seeing her massive feet poking out of her converse, she saw that her feet were wrapped in a lot of cloth with a layer of plastic on top. Her feet hadn't grown at all since the bus incident, but she did still feel her converse holding her feet for dear life, practically squeezing the life out of them. Not only was that very painful, but her feet were also extremely hot. If any part of her were hot it had to have been her massive now size 16.5 soles. Her ears stopped ringing as she could now hear what was going on. It sounded like there was a heater in the room or something and when she looked down and around her massive skyscraper feet she could faintly make out a massive heater pointed directly on her soles. As she started to wake up more she could start to feel the intense heat coming from the heater, and it felt like she was standing in hot coals.

"oooooh" Elizabeth groaned as she fought the restraints that held her arms up in the bed. The pain in her soles was becoming unbearable as she starts to wake up and realize the situation she was in. Just as she started to squirm around the door opened and the character turned the light on. Elizabeth squits as the bright light fills her pretty blue eyes.

"Hey babe." Brandie flirts struttin her way into the bedroom.

"Brandie why am I tied to bed?"

"Well honey, I had a taste of your delicious stinky soles and I needed to have them all to myself," Brandie says as she runs her finger along Elizabeth's cheek and drags it along her side, down her neck, then her side, over her hips, across the thigh, and ending at the ankle.

"Me dont think this is a good thing." Elizabeth was worried about what Brandie had planned

"Oh, c'mon you don't want to have a little fun? I'm sure your feet are dying to get away from this heat."


"Shhhhhh my darling" Brandie turns the heater off and starts to unravel the clothes that covered her missive feet. Slowly she untangles the many sweatshirts and long-sleeves that covered the soles of the high school giant.

"mmmmmmmm" Elizabeth groans as she shakes her legs violently, trying to shake off the heat that ensued her.

"mmm what's that smell? Is that your feet?" An aroma started to fill the room as more and more layers came off of her sweaty stinky feet. Elizabeth always had an issue with her feet smell, but this is by far the worst they had ever smelled. Hours of sweating under that heater really did a number on her big thick soles. Brandie took a sniff of every piece of cloth she took off, for each layer she got deeper the wetter and smellier they got. Finally, it was down to the final shirt.

"Wow, they smell better than I could have imagined" She takes the final shirt off and shoves it in her face, breathing in heavily as the smell of vinegar and eggs fills her nose.

"Elizabeth, you are a goddess, did you know that?" Elizabeth didn't want to respond anymore, she was staring down horrified that anyone would ever want to go near her big feet. Even before her feet grew to massive lengths she hated the attention she got from them, and now someone is calling her a god just because she has them.

Brandie puts the shirt down and puts her hands on the massive soles that lay before her. Her converse, somehow still holding onto the sides of her soles, were holding in an ungodly amount of moisture. She couldn't wait to get in there, but first, she must enjoy what was on the outside.

"Brandie dont- OOOOHHH NOOOO!" Brandie put her little nose right in between the massive thick toes that stuck out of the top of the tattered converse. There were holes in the sock that she planted herself in and she started shoving her nose right into the sweaty spots of the sexy toes. Brandie backs up a second, light-headed from the strong aroma emanating from her red big feet.

"WOW, Elizabeth you don't understand the potential that you have here." She says going in for another hard sniff.

"Wha- what are you talking about?" Brandie pulls her head back again to gasp for fresh air.

"Your big stinky piggies you got here could really rake in some big money for ya" Brandie says admiring the massive toes and heels that stuck out of her converse. Elizabeth looks down and sees that Brandie had pulled out her phone and started recording herself with her feet in the background.

"Hey guys, you are not going to believe what I got for you today, something you all have been asking for, you finally get to see Elizabeth's beauty in all of their glory. She grabs Elizabeth's big toe and moves her whole foot around showing them that it's real. Brandie couldn't even hold herself back from it to explain to the members of her only fan. She groans and shoves her nose back into the toes and flexes the massive toes around her nose completely smothering her face. She inhales deeply and is taken back from it. her eyes bugged out as she was now dizzy from the big whiff she took from Elizabeth's big sexy thick toes. Elizabeth didn't notice right away but she looked down to see that Brandie was actually live-streaming to over 3,000 people, all begging to see the face that these beautiful behemoths belonged to.

"Oh you want to see Elizabeth? here she is!" Brandie turns the camera back to see Elizabeth looking down from the bed.

"NO" Elizabeth turns away not wanting to be seen. Brandie gets up and almost falls over from being dizzy still.

"Oh yeah that whiff got me a little bit haha. So anyways here is Elizabeth, the goddess you have been waiting to see!" Elizabeth turns toward the camera to see that now there were over 4,100 viewers in the stream.

"Brandie me dont like this,"

"Oh c'mon babe you'll warm up to us" Brandie puts her hand on her hip and starts to slide it up Elizabeth's sweaty body. her skin was so soft even under, and she gets up to the bra and gives it a good massage.

"Uh Elizabeth you are so sexy you know that?" She makes eye contact with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was not sure whether she liked this or not, it felt good to have another hand on her but then again, this whole situation was weird. Brandie throws her head back and starts moaning as she rubs her hand all over Elizabeth's c-cup breasts.

"Brandie *huh* please *huh* stop *huh." Elizabeth was heavy breathing from the overwhelming amount of sensations she was feeling. Meanwhile, the viewer count has risen to 4,800 and everyone in the chat was ape from seeing the huge goddess being groped before their eyes. Brandie stops and slowly pulls her hand out from Elizabeth's sweaty body and now had the camera in selfie mode and is talking to the chat.

"Alright, you got a little sneak peek, now we're gonna do something a little crazy." Brandie had some devilish eyes as she looks back at Elizabeth, who was now scared for what was in store next...

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