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What If Right was wrong etc.?

In a Parallel Universe
Does North become South and East meet West?
How does Yes become No or Wrong become Right?
Is male the same as female, open the same closed, or does yesterday become today?
Has anyone seen it tomorrow?
I entered the building through the exit door, and nothing was right; do you suppose that’s because I went through the looking glass to look around and see that what’s new today was old yesterday before it became new today.
When I returned home from work, I called my dog, and the cat meowed; when I called my cat, the dog barked.
The mirror was in the bathroom, and I was in the entry.
And strangely enough, opposites were mortal enemies
And likes were best friends,
Sometimes even husband and wife.

Is the genius an idiot or a Smartass dumb?
When I looked up, I saw the ground beneath my feet; even my holy shoe soles were there.
My bare toe stuck out like an unusually happy thumb.
Does anyone know what a happy thumb is?
It’s undoubtedly not cliché;
I guess that makes all the difference.
I stepped in a puddle, and the water ran up my arm rather than down my leg,
My toes sneezed, but my nose was silent,
And my foot dripped mucus. What a mess.
I put my left arm where the right should be and my right arm where the left should be.
Now here’s a phenomenon:
In the end, everything was where nothing should be,
And nothing was where something should be.
I took the down staircase up but never reached the top,
And the up staircase went to the top, but I stood at the bottom.
I turned on the hot water tap and almost froze to death,
and later, my glass of cold water could boil an egg.
I don’t think I’ll ever get used to living in a parallel universe;
it might run alongside our universe
but it’s like looking in a mirror all day long.
Sometimes I wonder if perhaps someone in our government—especially Presidents and judges
spent too much time looking into the mirror
one morning, because
they’re always and forever trying to make changes
to our constitution that would reflect
a backward trend in society.
It’s confusing until you wake up
And realize it was just a bad dream.
Right, although relative to the person,
A is A, and B is B.
And the sphere we love on still cycles every 365 days.
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