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This story takes place in different time line where naruto so of part one happens changed
Chapter 1: New friends and a Old Enemy

Naruto sits at his favorite ramen shop, on a Beautiful day not a single cloud in sight sit at the ramen shop seemingly waiting for someone. On the other side of the counter a older man look like he is in his high 40s wearing a chef’s outfit, “naruto would you like another bowl of ramen while you wait?” The man asked.

With a Smile naruto reply’s “yes please” As naruto is waiting for his ramen two people about the same age as naruto one male the other female. Naruto looks over and sees Sasuke and Sakura walking towards him.

“Naruto, how can you be eating when we are already running late for training with Kakashi.” Sasuke remarks at Naruto as Naruto quickly tries to Scarf down another bowl of ramen almost choking on it as Sakura playfully slaps him on the back.

Naruto begins coughing as he almost choked, “Sakura that was not nice I could have choked and died” naruto snaps at her. Sasuke trying to hold back a laugh

“naruto with that big of a mouth I’m shocked you could choke on something.” Sasuke says as he finally breaks and starts laughing.


A boy and girl are running through the forest like someone or thing is chasing them. both looking about the same age as naruto, the boy has black hair and his clothes ripped and burned in several places, the girls has Red hair and her clothes look better then the boy’s but not by much. She looks like she is struggling to run as she is leaning on the boy as she runs with a limp.


Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura walk at a hasty peace to the training yard as they are already running late for training with Kakashi. “So what do you two think that Kakashi is going to do to us if we are late?” Naruto asks with a stupid smile on his face looking at Sasuke and Sakura.

“Naruto to be honest I don’t want to find out.” Sasuke says as they start to walk a little faster. Naruto begins to hear what sounds like people’s running through the woods right towards them.

“Do you guys hear that?” Naruto asks as he looks back to see Sakura and Sasuke both looking into the wood as well, Sasuke takes out a Kanai. They stand prepared to fight when two people run out of the woods, a boy with black hear going down to his shoulders about the same height as naruto and sasuke. Blood staining the left side of his ripped and destroyed shirt that is covered in burn marks and more blood his face is covered in bruises and cuts. The girl has red hair going down to her lower back and she has very pale skin. She seems to be unable to walk by herself as she holds onto the boy. Sasuke puts his kanai away and rush’s over. “What happened to you two? we should get you two some help right away.” Sasuke says as he grabs the girl and tries to help her stand. The boy looks at Sasuke and hands the girl over to him, revealing that the girl has a massive Gash on her right side.

“no I’m fine please get her some help, they will follow us if I don’t stay back and fight.” The boy says he grabs a small katana from the Holster on his lower back. Naruto gives the boy an angry look

“I’m not letting you fight alone, believe it.” Naruto says as he pulls out a Kanai. Sasuke looks at naruto and Sakura

“Naruto you stay here and help, Sakura go get Kakashi, I’m going to bring the girl back to the village to get her some help.” Sasuke picks up the girl trying to keep pressure on the gash on her side. Sakura starts running Towards the training yerd, sasuke begins heading back to the leaf as he carries the girl with him, and naruto and the boy just stand ready to fight.

“So your name is Naruto?” The boy says as he doesn’t take his eyes off of the woods.

“ yay, Naruto Uzumaki, and who are you.” Naruto says look at the boy.

“ my name is Sasuke Senju, no relation to Hashirama Senju.” The boy said as his eyes continued to stare into the woods.


Sakura runs into an open Field. “Kakashi! Kakashi!” She yells to no response.

“Your late where are the other two” Kakashi says from behind her as he puts a hand on her shoulder.


Sasuke is running towards the village still carrying the girl, as he reaches the village he immediately starts calling out for help.


Naruto and Sasuke S are still looking in to the woods as they both start to hear tree branches rustling, a shuriken comes out of no we’re and almost hits naruto. Naruto and Sasuke S look up and see many ninjas wearing black robes with purple snakes on them.

“Naruto you made a mistake, you are way out of your league.” Sasuke S says as one of the ninja rushes at him, with one quick swing of his Katana the ninja’s arms fall off as the ninja falls to the ground. And in the blink of an eye several more ninja’s hit the ground.

“How are you doing this?” Naruto asks as several more ninja’s hit the ground.

“It's a long story but the short version is that Orochimaru tried to create super weapons out of me and a couple others, we all have the same backstory we remember waking up in some kind of pod, we only know the truth because we look though the records Orochimaru keep, We found out that we were all kidnapped and brainwashed.” Sasuke S said as more and more ninjas hit the ground and as Naruto can’t even keep is eyes on Sasuke S as the ninja’s body hit the ground one after another Until Sasuke S falls to the ground, “I guess I can’t take them all out by myself.” Sasuke S says as he looks around see all but one ninja dead on the ground. “27 that is a new record” Sasuke S says as the one last ninja try’s to run before he is knocked down from the tree as Kakashi Stands on the tree reading his book

“I’m sorry were you going somewhere?” Kakashi says as he is reading the book, Naruto helps Sasuke S up.

“I guess I got carried away,” Sasuke S said as he got to his feet. Sakura walks up behind Naruto

“I guess you guys didn’t really need help.” Sakura says looking over all of the dead Dismembered and some decapitated ninjas.

“Sorry about the mess, but Orochimaru will start to realize that they are not coming back, we should go” Sasuke S said as his body starts to slowly gain back his Strength.


Sasuke sits on a bedside chair as the girl lays in bed with bandages raped over her injuries, she is deep asleep as Sasuke’s mind starts to wonder, “where did they come from? How is after them? I don’t even know her name. Why is she so pale like she never sees the sun? What is with her fangs?” As Sasuke’s mind fills with question the girl begins to wake up. “Where am I?” The girl asks as she try’s and fails to sit up.

“Your in good hands, your in the leaf village.” Sasuke said he gently makes the girl lay back down on the bed. “What happened?” The girl ask as her belly growled.

“Let me get you something to eat then I will tell you.” Sasuke said as he gets up and starts to walk out.

“No you don’t understand I’m not that kind of hungry…” the girl says as she Saufley grabs Sasuke’s arm.

“ What are you talking about?” Sasuke ask as he sits on the bed next to the girl.

“I’m a vampire… I’m bloodthirsty, I need blood.” The girls said as her pale cheeks turned a bright red. Sasuke is shocked from Learning that this girl that he was carrying for who knows how long is a vampire, a monster. Sasuke begins to slow backs way form her.

“So what is your name?” Sasuke asks trying not to Make eye contact with this monster.

“My name is Ayame, well that is the name Orochimaru gave me. ” As Ayame says this Sasuke gives her a confused look.

“Orochimaru gave you your name what caused you to join Orochimaru?” Sasuke asks, trying not to make eye contact.

“Orochimaru kidnapped me and a couple of other people, I only know that name he gave me.” Ayame says as she tries to get out of bed.

“If you don’t mind me asking what did Orochimaru want with a monster like you?” Sasuke turns away after accidentally calling her a monster.

Ayame looks at him with a pretty sad look on her face. “I’m sorry I was born like this.” Ayame says before she begins to Tear up. Sasuke turns to her breaking his no eye contact rule.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” Sasuke said as he walks backwards in to the wall.

“It's fine, I get called a monster a lot, sometimes I wish I was just born a Human like everyone else.” Ayame says as she starts to cry. The door to the room opens as Naruto, and Sasuke S walks in.

“Sasuke, can you come out in the hall let’s give them some time,” Naruto says, then he and Sasuke leave the room as Sasuke S kneels on the side of the bed next to her.

“Ayame, We made it, we escaped!” Sasuke S said as he holds Ayame’s hand.

“Next time we are trying to run away please watch when you are swinging, I don’t end up like this again” Ayame said as she put her other hand on top of his hand.

“You still made it.” Sasuke S says as they hear the door open as Kakashi walks in.

“How is she doing?” Kakashi asks Sasuke S as he sits in the chair next to the bed. Sasuke S doesn’t reply as he just looks back at Kakashi. “So what village are you too from?” Kakashi ask looking at Sasuke S and Ayame.

“We don’t know, Orochimaru didn’t tell us that or he did have the kindness to tell us our real names.” Ayame said, trying to hold back tears as she hold Sasuke S’s hand Tighter.


Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura sit outside on a bench. “Naruto, are you telling the truth, your telling me he took out 27 ninjas in the blind of eye.” Sasuke says after naruto tells him and Sakura what happened in the Forest.

“Yea, believe it. It was like he was moving faster than I could see.” Naruto says as he jumps out of his seat on the bench.


“So Orochimaru tried to make super weapons out of you guys.” Kakashi says as sits Staring at Sasuke S and Ayame. Kakashi reaches into one of his jacket pockets and pulls out two leaf village headbands. “If you two are going to stay here you should look like you belong here.” Kakashi hands them both the headbands and begins to walk out the room. “Oh sasuke, after you are done here I want to see if you are as strong as Naruto says you are.” Kakashi says as he walks out the room.

Sasuke S looks at Ayame he holds Ayame’s hand close to his chest. “Ayame don’t worry, I will find the others I promise.” Sasuke S kisses Ayame on the forehead before standing up. “Ayame, stay safe I don’t want to lose you.” Sasuke S says as he walks out leaving Ayame to rest and heal from her injury.


In what looks like a lab, Orochimaru stands in front of what looks like a pod and inside is a girl about the same age as Sakura, she looks frozen. Orochimaru slides his hand across the pod. “You are just another failure.” Orochimaru says as he walks away from the pod and closes the door. As Orochimaru closes the door the pod opens as a man with dark skin and short black hair picks up the girls out of the pod.

“I’m not letting Orochimaru do to you what he did to everyone else.” The man says as he kicks open the door as the alarm sounds. “Okay we I guess I’m taking the fun way out.” The man says as he smiles and runs out of the room carrying the girl.
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