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Question 1.character are there shippuden age 2.I’m not changing the names stop asking
Chapter 2 True Colors

The next morning Ayame walks up very early even before the sun rises, she sees Sasuke S still asleep in the bedside chair now wearing the leaf village headband wrapped around his head. Ayame slowly and quietly gets up out of bed trying not to wake up Sasuke S. But as she is getting up her belly growls Causing Sasuke S to slow Sters awake. “Don’t tell me you were going to sneak off and go feed on someone, I know you must be blood starved.” Sasuke S says, trying to keep his eyes open as he gets up and walks over to Ayame, who is now sitting on the bed after waking him up. Ayame starts to feel very sad

“I didn’t want to feed. I wanted to go for a walk before the sun comes up. I'm really bloodthirsty but I don’t like feeding another person.” Ayame says as she feels a pain in her stomach as her belly growls again. Sasuke S sits next to Ayame, he grabs the back of her head and carefully pulls her closer so that her mouth is right at his neck he smiles a little.

“Ayame you need to feed, just feed on me until you are full.” Sasuke S says as he gives Ayame a little hug. Ayame tries to gently bite into his neck. Even with her trying to be gentle, Sasuke S still feels a sharp stabbing pain in his neck that he can barely handle. Sasuke S starts to feel his blood being sucked out as he starts to feel light headed. “Ayame you enjoying this?” Sasuke S asked as he winces in pain. Ayame doesn’t answer and just keeps drinking his blood.


The dark skinned man is walking through the woods carrying the still frozen girl. The girl has hair down to her lower back, wearing all black robes and she is about the same age and height as Sakura. “72...72 and I’m going to make every second Count.” The man said as he rubs the back of his neck. His clothes are brown and black robes with a Hood. He puts the girl how is still frozen on the ground next to what looks like a fire pit that was used not long ago as the embers are still hot and glowing red. The man picks up the embers up with his bare hands. the man starts trying to unfreeze the girl with the hot embers.

~~~about 3 hours later~~~

Before the sun rises Sasuke S and Ayame are walking through the empty streets of the leaf village. Ayame is now wearing a white shirt plus red Robes, that looks a little tight but is not covered in blood like her other clothes. Sasuke S now wearing completely black robes with his leaf headband raped a round his but Ayame doesn’t have her headband on. As they are walking though the streets a place of paper blowing in the wind catches Sasuke S’s attention, He quickly picks up the paper and what he sees shocks him. “This can’t be.” Sasuke S says as he see his face on the paper and above it in big letters it says,” wanted alive.” Sasuke S looks over at a wall next to them as he sees 5 other wanted pictures, he sees Ayame wanted picture and quietly rips them down. “Someone had to see this we are not safe here.” Sasuke S says as he pulls Ayame in the direction towards the outskirts of the village.”Ayame we should try to stay out of site until we head to meet Kakashi at the training yard in the morning.” Sasuke S says as Ayame just looks around and see what looks like a abandoned part of the village. Sasuke S and Ayame start to look around and in many places they see an odd symbol that is red and white.

“Sasuke do you think anyone lives here?” Ayame asked as Sasuke S didn't reply as he grabs her arm and starts to slowly walk out of this part of the village as the sun starts to come out, Ayame puts her Hood up to protect herself from the sun.

“Sasuke it looked like something happened that made this part of the leaf village abandoned.” Ayame says, trying to look away from the abandoned house.

“Let’s just get to the training yard.” Sasuke S says as him and Ayame begins to leave the leaf village heading to the training yard.


The man is finally done unfreezing the girl. She opens her eyes Revealing her bright purple eyes as she slowly sits up. “Who are you?” The girl asked. The man Throws the embers to the ground, his hands burned down to the bones start to regenerate. “Saya it me Makoto..” The man says as his hand finishes regenerating. The girl pulls Makoto in for a hug, Makoto hugs back. “So I was not too late, you still remember me.” Makoto says as he hugs The girl tightly.


Ayame and Sasuke S arrive at the training year, where Kakashi and two other people that they don’t recognize, both of them are boys looking around the same age as naruto the first one has a bowl cut and has on a green jumpsuit. The other has Gray robs and completely white eyes.

“You two showed up, and you’re not late.” Kakashi says as he closes his book. “ this is rock Lee and Neji, they will test the weaker of you two.” Kakashi says as he points to the two boys.

Sasuke S steps forwards. “ really quick tip you two, don’t underestimate one of Orochimaru’s super weapons.” Sasuke S says as he points toward Neji and rock Lee. In the blink of an eye sasuke S disappears and reappears right behind Neji and Rock Lee, punching both of them in the face. As Neji and Lee are falling to the ground, time slows almost to a complete stop. Sasuke S walks over to the falling Lee and Neji like he is unaffected by time slowing down. “I told you not to underestimate me.” Sasuke S says as kicks Lee in the legs. As time speeds back up to normal Neji is able to stay on his feet, but Lee on the other hand falls flat on his face with his legs above his head.

“Ayame, do you mind explaining to me what just happened?” Kakashi asks as he watches Sasuke S what looks like teleporting and wiping the floor with Lee and Neji.

“Sir well…” Ayame starts to explain “Sasuke has the ability to slow time down to almost a complete stop, but he can only do it for short bursts before he completely runs out of energy.” Ayame says as she starts blushing, due to how shy she is when talking to new people.


Sakura and Sasuke are walking through the now pretty full street of the leaf. “Sasuke I have been wondering, why did you not just leave the room when she told you she was a vampire?” Sakura ask at first Sasuke doesn’t respond. About 2-3 minutes after Sakura asked the question.

“She’s like me in a way… we were both put through pain and suffering by the hands of Orochimaru, I feel bad she doesn’t seem anything like what I expected a vampire would act.” Sasuke says as he walks with Sakura, they see a person pulling down a paper on the wall. As the person turns around Sasuke and Sakura are in shock as they see another Sasuke, they begin to run towards the imposter, the other Sasuke sees the real Sasuke running towards him, he swings at Sasuke. The real Sasuke moves out of the way and hits the imposter in the face. The imposter falls to the ground as they body seems to change from Sasuke’s body to a female’s one with short white hair and red eyes she is wearing white robes that now have dirt on them.

“Ok I don’t know who you are but little time to explain before…” Sakura is stopped as the girl puts her hands on her and Sasuke’s chest, Sakura closes her eyes as she starts to feel an unbearable pain as if her soul was being ripped from her body but then the pain fades away she starts to feel different as if she was not herself. Sakura opened her eyes and didn't see the girl, everything else looked the same but she didn’t feel the same. Sakura looks over to see if Sasuke is alright, as she looks over she doesn’t see Sasuke instead she sees herself as if she was looking in a mirror. She looks down at herself and sees that she is now wearing the clothes Sasuke was wearing, she thought to herself “Am I dead, or. No it can’t be.” A thought finally hit her, that girl must have somehow switched her and Sasuke’s body’s , but that is impossible right.


Sasuke S has completely destroyed Neji and Lee even with Neji using his byakugans didn’t help him much. “Is this the best you got? I can beat them without using up my energy.” Sasuke S says as he steps on Neji’s back.

“Well you didn’t follow my directions I said the weaker of you two.” Kakashi says as he reads his book.

“I did, I'm the weaker one, Ayame is the strongest person here.” Sasuke S says as he points at Ayame who starts blushing more.

Kakashi is taken back by this, he looks at Ayame who's now blushing so much that her whole face is red. Kakashi puts his book away and looks. “So you are stronger than Sasuke.”

Sasuke S grabs Ayame and pulls her close to him. “Yep, she is one of Orochimaru’s strongest weapons. But I have to wear you if you and Ayame fight you will be playing for keeps.” Sasuke mores his hand up to the back of Ayame’s neck. “Ayame are you okay with going through with this?” Ayame just nodes to Sasuke S’s question “Kakashi, I hope you are prepared to fight for your life.” Sasuke S says as he pinches Ayame’s neck. “Don’t worry Ayame I will stop you before you do any real damage.” Sasuke S whispers in to Ayame’s ear. Ayame’s eyes go from a nice pale blue to a bright blood shot yellow.

“So let’s see if you can back up the big talk that your friends here says…” before Kakashi could finish a wooden spike shot out of the ground at him, he quietly dodge the spike.

“Don’t talk about my family, I must say you look delicious once I kill you I’m going to suck you dry then I will swallow you whole, so don’t worry your body won’t go to waste.” Ayame says in a soft calm tone, with her hand out she closes her fist and huge roots wrap around Kakashi’s legs and arms holding him in place. Ayame walks over and softly grabs Kakashi’s cheek. “Come on Handsome I like it when prey fights back.” Ayame says in a very flirty tone of voice as she pulls down Kakashi’s mask and gives him a kiss on the lips. Kakashi’s unable to move begins to think about using the sharingan, Sasuke S said this is a fight of keeps he has no other options but he can’t uncover it, another thought ran though his mind how could she use wood style. As Kakashi tries to think about what to do Ayame releases Kakashi’s limbs from the roots. “Come on Kakashi give me some fun or should I start feeling now.” Ayame says in the soft tone again as she licks her lips.

“Like your friend said, play for keeps.” Kakashi says as he uncovers his sharingan. Ayame licks her lips and then flames drip from her mouth. A huge fireball shoots out of her mouth, Kakashi rolls out of the way. When he use his sharingan to see what she was thinking and what he found scared him, her jutsu capabilities seemed endless and all she was thinking about was to kill and feed on him. Kakashi started to think about what Sasuke S said before this that she is one of the strongest. Is there a stronger one out there? Kakashi doesn't even have time to think this girl who was super shy and kind is now acting the complete opposite.

“Why wouldn’t you just die? I want you to be inside of me.” Ayame says licking her lips. A rock flys from behind Kakashi and hits him in the back of the head. Ayame takes the opportunity and uses the roots to restrain Kakashi again.

“This time Kakashi I’m not going to let you go until you have been completely devoured by me.” Ayame pulls down Kakashi’s mask and starts licking his neck. “Soon you won’t have to worry about anything once you are inside me.” Before Ayame can bite into Kakashi’s neck Sasuke S grabs Ayame’s arm.

“Ayame please stand still.” Sasuke S says as he pinches the back of Ayame’s neck again. Ayame’s eyes go back to their normal pale blue. Kakashi’s limbs are released from the roots. Ayame starts breathing heavily and she falls back into Sasuke S’s arms, seemingly exhausted from what just happened.

“Sasuke please tell me what you just did?” Kakashi asked.

“Orochimaru put fail safes in the back of our necks, my fail safe is off so I can use my abilities. Ayame fail safe is a three stage fail safe right now her powers are limited a 25% of her abilities and what you were just fighting was her with 100% of her abilities, but her mind changed causing her to go crazy when using 100% of her abilities.” Sasuke S pauses for a second. “And if our fail safes are ever activated we can’t use any of our abilities and in 72 hours of it being activated we will die. As Sasuke S is explaining it to Kakashi, Naruto runs into the training yard.

“Kakashi Sasuke and Sakura need you!” Naruto yells as Kakashi and Sasuke S how is carrying a exhausted Ayame starts running over to Naruto, naruto starts to lead them back to the leaf village.
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