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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249485
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
The shadow boy sat on the grass outside the party tree, thinking about where to spend the night, and what to do when the light returned. Would he go back to Spooky High to continue seeing his new friends and continue on his way to find the reason for his existence? Or he will go to hide in the darkness of a cave, and return to the useless existence of fear and loneliness that he had spent so far, until the death of the worlds generated by the Light?

For someone normal, the choice might seem obvious; but our dark-born friend was like none of us, until that first day of real life. And that had left him somewhat perplexed and frightened for his future.


It was about 11 p.m. And some students were starting to say 'bye' to their friends, and walk away from the party. Among them were also Amira, Vicky and Brian, who spotted the newcomer of the school not far away, sitting on the grass thinking.

"Oh, are you still here dude?" Amira asked the shadow boy.
"We thought you were already gone!" Vicky added.
".... You don't have a home, do you ....?" Brian asked slowly, and the shadow boy shook his head in denial.
"Seesh .... Well, good luck man!" Amira said instead, starting to leave; "Wait! Do you really want to leave him here in the dark and cold? All alone ??" Vicky protested, stepping in front of Amira's passage. "Listen Vicky, Amira began to say, we can't accommodate all ex-humans like you! I already turned a blind eye to you 2 months ago, and then to Brian last month! We are already three in that apartment, and for me: we are more than enough! "

"..... Also in my opinion ... it would be unfair .... to leave him in the middle of the road ..." Brian said instead. "Oh no Brian, not you too!" Amira retorted, slapping her hand on her face.
Meanwhile, Vicky took the boy by the arm, and stood in front of the djinn girl, saying: "Look at him carefully Amira! He's cold, he's alone and he's afraid! I swear he won't bother, I'll check him and let him sleep in my bed ! I will always pay attention to what he does, I will see that he does not break things or anything and ... "
"Woah woah woah, are we talking about a person or a dog?" Amira said, struck by the insistence of the girl.
"Please Amira! Let him come and stay with us! Please please please please please!" And as Vicky continued pleading for her, she joined her hands in prayer and made the eyes of a pained dog.
Meanwhile, the shadow boy and his little creature began to beg in the same way, joining hands, and finally Brian joined hands, but with the usual neutral face of him.

After 5 seconds of this scene, Amira blurted out: "Oooh, that's enough! We won't take a stranger who doesn't speak into the house, just because he's alone like a stray dog! My answer is: no, no, no, and more .... "

* half an hour later, in Amira's apartment. *

"Ok, dude, I gave you a chance only because I'm super generous. But I warn you: If you annoy, break or steal something, or take advantage of us, I'll kick you out with fire kicks! Okay?" The Being shook his head with a serious, approving look.

Instead Vicky hugged her friend and said, "Yupiiii! Thanks Ami, you're the best!" "Umpf. You also said that when we welcomed Brian into the house ..." "So what? He behaves perfectly!" "Oh yes, except when he listens to Mozart or Beethoven loud all weekend, or he leaves markers and crayons lying around the house, or when he doesn't wash the dishes!"
"..... Actually it's you who never helps .... to wash the dishes ..." the zombie boy retorted calmly.

"Yes, oh well, details!" Amira answered instead, to belittle it.

Meanwhile, the Being was looking at them, not quite understanding why they were so nervous. Vicky put a hand on his shoulder and said: "Eh eh. Don't pay attention, very often we have discussions like this, and even more heated, but that's what keeps us together. Like a family!"
Suddenly, she heard the loud rumbling of Brian's belly and Amira began to giggle saying to Vicky:
"Mother hen? Where is dinner for your poor children?"
"Okay, I admit that when one of them does that, I would like to slap them." She said sternly, her face emotionless.

Meanwhile, Vicky headed for the kitchen anyway, looking for ingredients to make something quick to eat. "Amira? Why isn't there even a slice of bread, or pasta, or meat etc. here?" Vicky asked, annoyed.

"But there are the toast!" answered the girl who was sitting on the sofa, looking up from her phone.
"Yes, I see this! But you know that those are eaten in the morning, and not in the evening!" continued angry Vicky; "Hey, don't blame me! Brian had to think about the shopping!"
"..... Excuse me ..... last Saturday and Sunday....I was concentrating on making a painting.....and I forgot about it."
said the zombie scratching his neck and lowering his head slightly.

Suddenly, the shadow boy remembered the 4 large sandwiches that Cop Bones had given him in the morning, so he went to his backpack and picked them up. When he gave one each to the three students, Vicky immediately said, "F-for us? We can't accept, it's your food and ..."
Instead, Amira and Brian were already biting into their sandwiches, while Vicky gave them a look of disapproval.
"What is it? Chomp. He offered them to us, and you said we don't have any more bread in the house!"

"Uff, okay, I'll eat the sandwich you gave us too. Thanks, newcomer." That said, the four ate in silence, and after finishing, Vicky rubbed her belly saying, "Yum! How good that sandwich is. And it was filling too! But it also has something familiar .... "

".... Let me guess .... an always sulky skeleton agent and an exalted mummy ...." Brian said to the shadow boy, who confirmed with a shake of his head.

"You're right Brian, only officer Bones puts salami, pineapple and strawberries in the sandwiches!"

"Mmmh, that's why he was so sweet. Anyway, who is Officer Bones?"

"He is one of the agents in charge of welcoming humans, who are reborn as monsters, to Monstropolis! That is, people like me, Brian and our new silent friend!" Vicky answered smiling.
"Oh. But how exactly does this thing work?" Amira asked, arching an eyebrow. "Nobody knows ..... some say it is because the human who dies has an extreme will to live .... or a strong energy, which allows him to arrive here with a new body ...." replied Brian, as he finished eating his sandwich.

"But I am not dead. I came here through one of the portals of my world ..." The shadow boy thought.


It was 0.30 a.m, definitely the time to go to sleep. But first, while the others had already gone to bed after having washed and dressed in their pajamas, Vicky had taken a spare blanket, pillow and pajamas and brought them to the shadow boy saying: "Unfortunately we don't have a another bed for you, but the sofa is comfortable enough. " And while she was arranging the Being's sleeping place, he began to make his clothes disappear to put on the pajamas. Vicky, however, was turning towards him and realizing what he was doing, she turned very red in the face and began to say agitated:
"B-b-b-but what are you doing !? D-d-d-on't undress while I'm here, I could see your ... Huh?" But Vicky didn't finish the sentence, because she noticed that the boy had neither nipples nor his, er, male member. Yet his body had the structure of a male.

And as the boy continued to change, she thought, "How strange. Maybe his body has gone destroyed for some reason. Or worse yet ... he was never born, which is why he cannot speak and behave in strange way ... "

At this thought, Vicky shed a tear, then to avoid being seen she turned to the other side to wipe it away and clenched her fist, saying to herself in a resolute way: "It's useless to cry if that's what happened. Now he's here with us, and I promise myself to protect him, and help him learn how to live! "

In the meantime he had put on his pajamas, and tapped his fingers on the girl's shoulder to show how he was doing. She smiled and said, "Thank goodness, the pajamas fit you. You know that's what she bought as a spare, Brian and Amira's wouldn't suit you!"
She said Vicky, but before she went to sleep, she remembered something she had bought a short time ago that she didn't think she would find in that world.

The boy raised an eyebrow as he watched the girl run into her bedroom and return to the living room with a book in her hand.
"If you have trouble sleeping, read this! It's called" The wonderful wizard of Oz ".... You've never read a book, have you?" She asked, her smile lowering slightly, and the boy obviously confirmed with her head, but not for the reason she thought.
She then said: "As I thought ... but you can start with this! I admit it's a little bit for small children, but it's still a very well known and appreciated story in the human world! I never imagined finding a copy here too. you know? Then I found out that movies, cartoons, etc. made by humans also come here.
it was a nice surprise! Well, now we have to sleep. Tomorrow we start all over again! Goodnight friend! "While saying goodnight, Vicky waved at the boy, who returned the greeting, then closed the door. After a few seconds, the boy began to read the book, a little with difficulty at first, but he had almost learned to read thanks to the (one-page) script that Liam had given him that day.
After reading a few pages she began to see some similarities between his journey and Dorothy's: Her sudden coming into an unknown world, the people who welcome her happy, even if they know nothing about her and are not of her own race, the three bizarre characters with whom she befriends and lives her journey to get to the wizard Oz, etc.

The boy went on reading, all night long, until he finished the book. Then he looked out the window, as the first light of dawn broke over the city, and he thought: "There is no place like home, but where I come from, can I really call it 'home'?" .....

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