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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249546
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
It was almost 7 am and the shadow boy, to pretend he was sleeping, lay down on the sofa putting the blanket over his head. Only when he heard the alarm clock in Amira's room, and his new friends yawn and get out of bed, did he get up.

The boys, after taking turns in the bathroom and having washed themselves, entered the small living room, still a bit stunned from the night before.

"Yaaaawn! Geez, Polly's parties are great but every time you wake up like they've opened your skull, poured a bottle of Whiskey into it, sealed it up and shaken for a while."
"Ugh, thanks for the picture Amira ..." Vicky replied in a dazed tone.

".... Good morning shadow boy ..... The bathroom is empty, go ahead ...."
Brian said, struggling to keep his eyes open. The boy nodded his head and went into the bathroom.
Even though he got there, he had no idea how to wash himself.
Luckily Vicky came right away and said, "Wait, I guess you don't know how to wash, do you?" He nodded. She replied "As I imagined ..." and after giving a light sad sigh, she showed him how to turn on a tap, while he watched intently and was fascinated by the water coming out of the metal object, then went to the shower and opened the water there too, while the boy looked curiously at the water coming out in a different form than that of the tap.

"I think you understand now. Do you want to try?" She asked gently, and he nodded, and did the same thing she had done with the faucet and shower, turning the water on and off. She clapped slightly, smiling, saying: "Bravo! You learn very fast!"

He was pleased with the compliment, then Vicky came out of the bathroom saying: "Come on, now hurry up to wash and change, we will prepare breakfast"
The boy made his pajamas disappear, got into the shower and turned the water back on.
Although it was very cold, he did not feel anything, and in the meantime his black creatures, which were now about ten, first came out of his body imidly, but in a few seconds they acclimatized to the water and went out to wash and play, sprinkling themselves with water. on each other, with their tiny mouths.

After 5 minutes, the boy reappeared his clothes that cop Abu had given him, and left the bathroom. Although he didn't have a nose, he could perfectly smell something that Vicky had put in a pan, while Amira kept a ball of fire under the pan in order to cook the food.

"No gas today, huh?" Brian asked as he read the newspaper that the newspaper boy had thrown at the door, like every morning.

"Guess who was supposed to go buy the gas bottle?" Amira asked sarcastically. Meanwhile, Brian got up, snorting, and began baking toast in the toaster. The shadow boy did not stop looking fascinated at the tools they used, and when he approached the toaster to look at it, after 5 minutes the toast jumped out, but he, who was not yet used to the wonders of this world, ran to hide behind the sofa.
"Sigh, I think it will take him longer than expected ...." Vicky thought, looking at him, but smiling softly.

As the trio set the small table in the living room and set the food and coffee, Amira asked Vicky and whispered: "Listen Vick, why is this guy acting like this?"
As they watched the shadow boy step out shyly and slowly from behind the sofa, to go and look and touch the bread that came out of the toaster like that, to make sure it wasn't alive. Then after calming down, the boy sat down at the table. Meanwhile Vicky whispered to Amira: "I think he is not an adult boy, but a newborn who has not been able to see the light."
"Oh!" Amira exclaimed. "Damn, that's really bad as a thing if that's the case. But that would explain why he doesn't talk and he's afraid of so many things, like he's never seen them." "Exactly, so I have decided that I will help him to learn the things of life, until he is self-sufficient and can speak !" Vicky replied, with a determined tone.

"Er ... let's eat ...?" Brian asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry Brian, of course let's eat!" Vicky replied, speaking again in her cheerful tone. And so they all quietly ate their bacon and eggs, while the shadow boy had a pleasant feeling of being at home with them, which he had never experienced before.

After 10 minutes, the boys washed the dishes and cutlery in the sink, but as they were getting dressed to leave, Amira said to the shadow boy, "Oh, dude, you haven't touched your coffee yet!" "Maybe it's better this way Amira. Don't pay attention to it, I'll drink it!" Vicky said half worried, but Amira stopped her and said to the boy, smiling: "Come on drink it! It will give you the energy for the day!" Then the boy trusted her and took the cup, pouring all the black liquid on his body at once, then put the cup in the sink. "See Vicky? Nothing happened!" Amira said.

But after a few seconds, the shadow boy's body started shaking, his white eyes moving quickly from right to left, his little creatures all came out of his body, trembling with super smiling, exalted faces. And suddenly, the boy sprinted with terrifying speed towards the door, smashing it leaving a hole with the silhouette of him, like Wile E. Coyote, while from outside the cars could be heard stop and honk their horns as he unexpectedly passed.
Vicky and Amira turned their heads slowly, from the broken door to their faces, and Vicky said sternly, with an angry smile, "Now you understand ...
why you shouldn't give coffee to a child ...
especially if he's in a monster's body? "

And Amira, who began to sweat, only replied with "Oops." smiling nervously. And meanwhile Brian was quietly sipping his coffee, then saying: "And now .... I'll also have to repair the door ..."

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