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The ring and its message of hope

         When the brand-new ancient stone ring appeared almost overnight across the winter of 20/21 it caused quite an up raw.
         The sign on the back of the alter stone seemed to upset most people. More than the fact that some of the stones had been highly carved into nude female figures in a wide variety of styles and poses. From the ultra-realistic to the Baconesk. From the purely symbolic to the borderline pornographic. There was something to upset just about everyone.
         The stones themselves had all been collected from within half a mile of their final position, by Tony Clive and Pete Paterson. They had moved the stones by hand using just a couple of scaffold bars and a second-hand two-ton chain hoist from a garage. Has Pete says "once ti is properly balanced, anyone can move any stone one-handed." Tony preferred the old quote "Give me a fulcrum and...."
         With the help of Julie Fuller, a brilliant young sculptor fresh out of art school. Our two newly minted architects easily moved and positioned the stones. The biggest one that they moved was just under nine tones, most were in the three to five tone range.
         They videoed everything to make a TV show out of it later. With Tony's home county accent as the voice-over. And Julie looking good on camera, as she always does. And the mystery of how large stones can be moved by hand solved, it is a guaranteed hit.
         And as for the message of hope that upset so many, it simply read.

"Stone circle 2020

Commissioned by Julie Fuller

Designed and erected by the architectural firm

Clive Paterson.

Female Forms

by Julie Fuller

Commissioned by

Clive Paterson Architects.

We Hope To Be Receiving Your Commission In The Near Future."

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