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A world that isn't always what it seems.
Once upon a time...

As the story flips its page.

There was a time,

The flowers fade.

We were all blind to nature's pain.

I remember the days...

Before there were colors or shades.

I could hear the music...

I could hear the place.

I would once fight,

but I wasn't brave.

As the ocean hits a wave,

I felt as if I was safe.

We were once all human.

We bled, breathed, and crashed to the floor.

Some of us had disabilities as we opened the door.

The nature that was on the other side,

Some of us couldn't see it because we were blind.

The beautiful breeze we breathed too much,

Some of us weren't able to touch.

The flower scent that we seeked,

Some of us weren't able to breathe.

The calls of nature we couldn't bear,

Some of us couldn't hear.

The honeycombs we turned into paste,

Some of us couldn't taste.

And when the open door was closed,

That's when we ignored our problems the most.

We never know what's on the other side.

Most of our world contains many lies.
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