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by DiaDia
Rated: E · Fiction · Gay/Lesbian · #2249868
Just a collection of random stories I wrote of these two. Enjoy! BTW they're college age.
"I never said LGBTQ+, I said S-I-"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jaime interrupted.

"Don't be like that, Jaime" Dia leaned over his desk, "what are you working on? Dentist homework?"

"Something like that..." Jaime was extremely focused. Dia had to figure out a way to ruin that. After all, all of Jaime's attention should go to him!

He gently nudged him with his foot, "Jaime, Jaime, Jai-'' Jaime pushed Dia away from him.

He landed on the floor. "Oomph. You're mean, Jaimito." Tears started to well up in his eyes. Jaime looked at him, but quickly turned back to his work. Dia huffed, "asshole." He stood up and ran into Jaime's room. That concerned Jaime a bit, but he decided to ignore it because what's the worse he can do?

'Why did I come in here?' Dia thought. 'Hmmm... I could destroy all of his belongings...nah that's too mean.' He looked around Jaime's room for a bit. 'It's so clean.' He laid down on his bed. 'So comfy! I could get used to this.' 30 minutes later, he got bored of laying on Jaime's bed. He snuck back into the living room behind Jaime. He rolled his eyes, 'this nerd, still doing homework... Being responsible.' He grinned, ' I'm going to scare him.' He slowly creeped up to him. Just when he was just behind him, Jaime turned around and grabbed him by the hips. "GAH!"

"Did you really think you could scare me, cariƱo?" Jaime smirked at him. Dia was wiggling around, trying to escape his grip, but failed.

"Nnnn, Jaime! Let go of me!" He begged. Jaime just smirked harder. "Ok, ok! I'll leave you alone!" He squirmed to no avail.

"It's too late, dummy, I'm done with my work, so I'll give you the attention you want." Jaime pulled Dia into his lap."

Dia tried to pretend to be still upset, but deep-down, he was happy. " I don't want it anymore." He smiled up at him. "Can I sleep in your bed tonight?" He said, thinking back to when he laid in it earlier.

Jaime raised his eyebrows, "why?"

"It's comfortable!"

"Ok I guess." He shrugged.

"Yay!!" Dia wrapped his hands around Jaime's neck. They spent some more time hanging out and talking, before going to bed later that night. "Jaime, hurry up and come to bed!" Dia yelled.

"Coming, coming," he mumbled. He laid in the bed with Dia. "Mmm," he sighed.

"Cuddle me!" Dia curled up next to him.
"So needy," Jaime smiled, wrapping his arms around him. They both fell asleep soon after that.

Dia was the first to wake the next day. As he stirred awake, he gathered his surroundings.
He remembered that he was sleeping in Jaime's bed.

"Jaime!" Jaime startled awake. He stared at Dia, he was about to ask if everything was ok, but before he could, Dia asked, "did we fu-"

Jaime quickly put his hand over his mouth, groaning, he said, "it's too early for this Dia."

"Ok." Dia untangled himself from Jaime. "Jaime, are you dating anyone?" He said as he stretched.

Jaime stared up at him. He always thought that Dia looked beautiful in the morning. He looked away from him, "you know that I'm not." He got up from the bed, "I'm going to go brush my teeth, ok?" Dia nodded at him. When left the room, Dia flopped back into the bed.

He sighed, covering his face with his hand, "Jaime..." He whispered.

Dia also decided to go brush his teeth. ' I hope that Jaime is going to make breakfast' he thought as he walked into the bathroom. After brushing his teeth, he walked into the kitchen to find Jaime preparing to make breakfast, like he expected. He wrapped his arms around Jaime as he got closer to him. "You don't have any more nerd homework, do you?" He asked.

"Nope, I'm all yours today," he grinned down at him, petting his head. Dia squinted, smiling widely.

Jaime was very aware of the fact that he really wanted to kiss Dia. He blushed, quickly looking away from the shorter one. He never thought it would be like this.

When they first moved in together, they were just good friends who decided that it would be best for saving money. They went to highschool together, and at first, he thought that Dia was the most annoying person in the world. He was loud, rude, disruptive, annoying... Eventually, they ended up getting a project together in one of their shared classes. He dreaded it at first, but he quickly realized that Dia was not as annoying as he thought he was. He was super calm and sweet around Jaime. Jaime decided to spend more time with him, to get to know him better. Over time, they became best friends. When they were finished with high school, Dia didn't need to go college because he had been there and done that. So, he asked Jaime if he wanted to share an apartment. Once they moved in together, they became closer than ever. After a good year or so, Jaime soon noticed that he had developed a little crush on the smaller boy. But, that's all it was, a small crush... Or so he thought.

It turned out to be wayyy more than a small crush, way more. It never went away and it got worse with time. Dia was a naturally flirtatious person, especially with Jaime. He cuddled up to him, called him pet names, told how cute he was, how much he loved him... Naturally Jaime started doing the same thing. It became such a common thing with them, that he could never tell if Dia was being serious or not.
He loved Dia back of course, romantic or not, he was still his best friend. So he didn't mind hugging him and letting him sleep in his bed. He wanted to do all he could to make Dia happy.

"Jaimeeeeee," Dia wailed, bring Jaime back to reality. "Jaime, what's wrong? You're spacing out.." He grinned mischievously, "are you thinking about how sexy I am?"

Jaime blushed even harder than he already was. "No! I was just thinking about how long we've known each other." Dia tilted his head at him. Jaime smiled gently and shook his head,
"what do you want for breakfast?"

Yeah, he was down bad.

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