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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Death · #2249949
Maria throws out her arms and runs up the hill singing "the hills are alive
words 201


1] The original zombie was not really a disease, people had to be deliberately infected.

2] The New England variant, this was where the Romero Virus, as it was later identified, was first shown to be capable of human-to-human transmission. The president at that time tried to blame the Cubans for the sniffles, no one believed him.

3] The English variant. Also known incorrectly as Peg Virus or RZC1. This variant is now known to have originated in Wellington New Zeeland where Mr. Jackson helped Lionel Cosgrove kill his mother.

4] EV2 also known as the London variant. Fast, mean, and stupid. This variant arose due to the lack of effective infection controls and quarantining by the British government, and strong evolutionary pressure against being slow and lumbering.

5] The California/Hollywood variant. At first, this very highly virulent strain was hard to spot, victims outwardly look normal, but they had lost the capacity for original thought. They became recognizable because they repeated themself over and over, or act out movie scenes

         Maria throws out her arms and runs up the hill singing "the hills are alive with the sound of." A lawn mower, swung by Diana Penalver, hit her in the face. An arch of blood flying off its spinning blade, momentarily framed against the Cloudless blue sky. Before landing on the camera's lens, followed a moment later by an eyeball.
         The pile of burning bodies gave off a cooking sort of smell more like the smell of grilling meat, not at all unpleasant.
         Just then she felt a chill, as liquid oxygen was pored down her spine, killed her instantly. "She was obviously infected, that scene was taken from a Peter Jackson film. Right down to the cinematography."

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