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A twist on the tale.
“I know my mom’s mad
cause I traded our cow
But you’re magical beans
and you’ll save us...somehow.”

Once he planted his treasures
Jack dusted his knees.
Then he said to them, “Pods,
fill with gold...pretty please?”

That night when he’d hushed
all the noise in his head,
a knock on his pane
made him fall out of bed.

He ran to the window.
“Good gracious! There’s two!
and they reach to the heavens.
Now what do I do?”

“The decision is yours.
You can climb either one…”

“Wait, you’re talking to me?”

“Yes, of course I am Son.”

“If you climb up my stalk
at the top you will find
an abundance of wisdom
to strengthen your mind.”

“If it’s him you prefer,
this reward’s guaranteed:
at his peak he’ll reveal
all the riches you’ll need.”

“I ought to ask Mom,
but I know what she’ll say--
it’s the wise man who teaches
the rich one the way.

“But with all of my money
I’ll buy me a sage.
Whatever he’s asking,
I’ll double his wage!”

He scribbled a note
then he stepped on the shoot.
A stair tread appeared
neath the sole of his boot.

As he clambered on up,
no matter his pace,
a handhold or step
promptly came into place

(Though he never observed,
with his focus possessed,
the prior grip fading
each time he progressed.)

"For the sake of my limbs,
is this trip ending soon?
Now I’m climbing through clouds.
Is my next stop the moon?"

And just as he asked
he emerged through the haze
to a platform whose measure
exceeded his gaze.

He checked under objects.
He searched every fold.
“If this is the finish,
then where is my gold?”

“Up here there’s no money;
there’s nothing to buy.
You traded your cow
for a pie in the sky.”

“But you told me I’d find
all the riches I’d need.”

“And you’ll learn, it’s an accu-
rate statement indeed.”
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