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The dark, gritty remake no one asked for.
Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIOH
But that was many years ago, EIEIOH.

Late one year when winter came, the barn was full of hay.
But his cow knocked an oil lamp down; the barn went up in flames.
With fire here, fire there,
Here fire. There fire. Everywhere fire.
Old MacDonald’s livestock ran, EIEIOH.

The farmer started to the door, but age had made him slow.
A beam came down and pinned his leg, his sight began to go.
With a white flash here and a bright light there.
All at once his whole life played out everywhere.
Old MacDonald went out cold. EIEIOH.

He woke up in a hospital, his farm was far away.
“My animals,” he cried out, but the nurses made him stay.
With a lesion here, and a fracture there,
Here a drain, there a drain, third degree burns everywhere.
Old MacDonald barely lived. EIEIOH.

There wasn’t money for the bills, the farm he had to sell.
He moved into a nursing home, but didn’t fare so well.
With no-one here, no-one there,
Not a friend or visitor to be seen anywhere.
Old MacDonald was alone. EIEIOH.

In the twilight of his years he made but one more call,
To see the place that was his farm where now there stood a mall.
With a Macy’s here, and a Spencers there,
Here a stand, there a stand, people standing everywhere.
Old MacDonald shed a tear. EIEIOH.
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