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Cabot's Landing Timelines

I decided I needed a timeline to help me keep the chronologies consistent. This might be helpful to readers, too...

Historical Timeline

2083. Mareike Baarda publishes “On the Relationship between Certain Ghost Condensates and the Casimir Effect” in Arkiv fur matematik astronomi och fysik, the first of her five revolutionary papers of that year.

2084. Based on Baarda’s work, Gregor Hoekstra publishes the first design for a supra-luminal engine which he names the “ghost drive.”

2096. Engineers at the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Lab announce a successful test of the first ghost drive.

2099. The first ghost ship departs from the newly designated NASA spaceport in White Sands, New Mexico.

2102. Exploration and colonization of habitable planets in the Local Bubble begins.

2102. Sparta, a habitable world orbiting Tau Ceti, colonized.

2112. Discovery of the Immaculate Concourse, a collection of six habitable planets in the BetaCVn system, approximately 27 light years from Old Home Earth. Colonization begins that same year.

2118. Seven major powers (US, China, India, Russia, European Union, Japan, and Brazil) on Old Home Earth sign the Grand Alliance to facilitate exploration, settlement, and governance of extra-solar worlds. Eventually, the Grand Alliance expands to include over 128 nation states and becomes the governing organization for Old Home Earth and the newly settled extra-solar worlds.

2120-2400. Rapid expansion of humans into habitable star systems centered roughly on the Immaculate Concourse with a diameter of approximately 800 light years. Estimates from the time period suggest that this consisted of nearly 10,000 worlds at its greatest extent, although currently fewer than 2,000 worlds are confirmed.

2306. An exploratory expedition of the Grand Fleet discovers dysprosium deposits on a habitable moon of a gas giant in a remote star system, now catalogued as NOMAD 129.683.365.120.B.3.

2312. Cabot Industries Trust purchases title to the above system from the Grand Alliance Fleet and names the star Cabot's Landing and the habitable satellite Cabot's Cove. The source of the name Kenebec for the gas giant about which Cabot's Cove orbits is unknown, but speculation centers on the ancient North American tribal language Abenaki, in which "kinipek" means "bay," possibly a reference to the location of the initial human settlement.

2318. Cabot Industries bioengineers a species of wheat for the satellite Cabot's Cove and designs a limited ecology to support human habitation on Cabot's Cove.

2318. Mining operations and human occupation of Cabot's cove begins. At its height, over 38,000 humans lived on the satellite.

2400. Growing religious fervor in parts of the original Grand Alliance leads to civil unrest, which spreads to the colonized planets.

2462. Sparta withdraws from the Grand Alliance. Within weeks, over 80% of extra-solar worlds declare independence from the Grand Alliance. A new religious-based US government withdraws from the Grand Alliance on Old Home Earth and declares war on the extra-solar planets. The Great Disintegration begins.

2462. Cabot Industries closes the mines on Cabot's Cove and begins to withdraw all personnel from the system.

2463. Sparta destroyed by a fleet of former Grand Alliance ghostships under the command of the US religious government.

2463. Old Home Earth devastated by retaliatory raids, including at least two asteroid strikes, by an ad hoc fleet of former trader ghostships from several extra-solar planets. Catastrophic climate disruption results in mass extinctions on Old Home Earth, although isolated pockets of humanity manage to survive.

2464. The Grand Alliance Ghostfleet engages in widespread attacks on the extra-solar planets. By the end of 2464, the Fleet has been destroyed, industrial capacity throughout the former Grand Alliance territories is vitiated, and interstellar travel ceases.

2464-2970. Dark Ages. No interstellar travel or communication. Scientific research ceases. Industrial capacity on most planets plummets. Widespread poverty and disease. Smaller human colonies fail.

2970. Gregor Stapledon, later Gregor I, discovers dozens of moth-balled Grand Alliance Fleet ghostships on New Arizona in the Immaculate Concourse. He uses them to launch the first interstellar expedition in over five hundred years.

2975. The Parliament of the Immaculate Concourse declares the Grand Empire of Humanity and names Gregor as the first emperor. Gregor founds Pasargadae on New Arizona as his capitol. The Parliament, renaming itself as the Parliament of Humanity, establishes the policy of bringing all humans together in a new communion that avoids the errors of the old Grand Alliance. In particular, each world in the Empire will have local autonomy and the Empire will enforce a pledge of non-interference in the governance of other worlds.

2975-present. Grand Empire expands to over 1000 systems and becomes the dominant political entity in human space.

3107 The Praetorian Syndicate, a trading alliance headquartered on the Grand Empire planet Elsinore, launches an expedition to Cabot’s Landing. The Syndicate claims title to the planet as successor to Cabot Industries Trust.

3112. The Syndicate re-opens the mines on Cabot’s Cove.

3142. The mines become unprofitable. The Syndicate closes the mines and withdraws all personnel from the planet.

3168. Pursuant to an act of the Parliament of Humanity, the Emperor issues a decree that the owners of privately held planets must maintain continuous human representation on the planet, with the failure to do so resulting in the title to the planet reverting the Empire. The Syndicate initiates the practice of maintaining an official Resident on Cabot’s Cove.

3168-3174. The initial Resident serves with her extended family of forty-two individuals.

3174-3180. The second Resident serves for six years with his spouse.

3180. Elam Vandreren becomes third Resident with a contract for a ten-year term.

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