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A great writer who's turning 45 on May 23 & went through hard times the past few months.
This is a present for Sharmelle,

Who's name rhymes with wishing well.

I know it's been hard for you these past months.

Some of us would consider it rough.

Just remember we are always here,

When there are tough times you cannot bear.

I haven't forgotten about this day,

Because today is your birthday.

I hope you'll take heed of this gift,

I am hoping it'll be your magic lift.

I remember when you've written the note.

Everyone prayed and gave you hope.
("Note: Sorry, I have not been here in a while, it is ...")

We want you to feel happy,

Instead of stressed and crappy.

We hope to bring joy and cheer,

I hope you can hear us loud and clear.


I hope Jacksepticeye rings his bell!

I hope you know I've made my wish,

I hope you can see an ocean swish.

As you cross that difficult road,

Imagine being in a boat.

And as I sea in many quotes,

Your life is a gift, that many can only hope.


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