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Constantly, writing lyrical rhymes.
I won't lie, I'm a straight writer.
I'ma slice these papers up with a pen precisely like a warrior.
Got the police investigating me
But they found nothin' on C.
I have been ready to rumble,
Gotten ‘em all shaken and crumble.
Now, you comprehend how I do it like 2pac.
I handled it on the spot.

Constantly, writing lyrical rhymes
Focusing on my grind
My ambitions as a poet
My ambitions as a poet
So many foolish minds while I’m driven to shine.
This life as a poem star is nothin' without words.
Was born silent and imprison, addressin' the ignorance to be heard.
My attitude was fuck it, is how I immerged.
To be a genius, must maintain my patience in the system.
Though creativity is difficult, only if I’m unable to imagine.
Uh, and my ambitions as a poet.
To separate all the words and put ‘em back together like a jig saw puzzle.
Then I setup the game right on stage while everyone’s buffle.
Equipped with songs like a DJ, ready to play and that is how I hustle.
I’m writing' bomb-ass poetry, feelin’ crucial.
From record to record, the song is tight, the feeling's mutual
From playing without CD players to codebreaking the matrix.
I got no time for unmeaningful business 'cause I’ma Daedric.
I'm on a mission to write the greatest poetry, I’m not wishin’
There is no Competition, when I’m not writing I’m listening,
I'ma rhyme though like its exactly my life, it's mandatory
All guts, all glory, Babe, Dance for me.
Now it's on and it's on because I wrote so
Could trust women in this business
Now the money is coming, I’m gettin' suspicious
Started plottin' and plannin' on schemes for haters to witness.
I love these noisy snitches being on point about my riches.
Me, love and lovers rockin’ through midnight.
They'd fully grasped that the party is amazingly nice.

These people are happy
'Cause deep in the vain, we all bleed the same blood.
In the morning, I’ll give everyone the same coffee mugs.
I won't lie, I'm a straight writer.
I sliced these papers up with a pen precisely like a warrior.
Got the police investigating me
But they found nothin' on C.
My only intention is to rise,
Above these jealous haters who didn’t support me while I was getting deny.
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