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Characters from the New Zealand detective show. "Brokenwood Mysteries"
Wrote for the writer's cramp competition.
Characters from the New Zealand detective show. "Brokenwood Mysteries"

         Detective Mike Shepard was revisiting the scene of the crime. The home of the Tinkers.
Tony Tinker was, as Mike had discovered. Was a foot fetishist, and a maker of very overpriced bespoke women's shoes.
         Tony had died in his workshop. Having been stamped on, repeatedly and brutally by a size 9 man's right foot. Initially, the suspicion fell upon his wife Gladys Tinker. Their marriage was known to be rocky, and she was missing.
         Gladys had been picked up in the smoke, where she was on a foot modeling job, she was quickly ruled out as the prime suspect. She does not have a right foot, having lost it two years earlier in a bizarre accident involving a skipping rope and a leather polishing wheel.
         As mike was leaving Frodo came by with some art supplies for Gladys
Mike "you know the Tinkers?"
Frodo "I do odd jobs for Glady."
Mike "such as?"
Frodo "I got her the cobbler's tools she wanted for this piece. She paid me the full price even though one of the bits was stolen from my van."
The penny dropped with DetectiveMike Shepard. But he still asked anyway. "Which was?"
Frodo"It was the last thing she wanted."
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