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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2250647
No Dialogue Contest Entry May 2021
A feeling. That's all it is, just a feeling. But, oh, what a feeling to have!

Sometimes Tessa found it difficult to stay on the path and not try to jump to the end. A while back (exactly how long is lost to time) she felt there was something in her that needed to be expressed. She pondered it, worried about it, obsessed over it, until she made a decision to do something about it.

She started on a mission, a goal to achieve.

She wrote it all down, point by point. Her thoughts coalesced and fell in order.

Then there it was, The Plan.

She finally had a plan, now all she needed was to find the courage and strength to carry it out.

Tessa gathered her fortitude and held on tight.

She started, this ambitious plan of hers, with just one word. From there it flowed, word after word, sentence following sentence, until a story emerged.

Days turned into months, months turned into years.

Yet the goal remained. The sight of it never lost. Just following The Plan, the path of words leading her down the trail to success.

The finish line is so close now, she can feel it, a tingling sensation, that feeling hangs on the periphery waiting to be felt.

She sends her work out into the world to see if it can fly on its own. More than once she sends it out. Then she waits. The waiting weighs heavily on her fortitude.

Then, finally, a letter arrives. The words she has been waiting for. The words she has dreamed of.

Tessa will be published.

The goal has been achieved.

And finally, there is that feeling.


Word Count = 286
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