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Boy wears his first bikini Chapters 7-9
This story was not originally mine but i did change the names,

The original can be found here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/missjames64.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/8/amp/

Thanks and enjoy!!

Chapter seven
In the morning I came downstairs for breakfast and we all sat down. Mom smiled have you given your sister an answer about her giving you a makeover and dressing you up? I looked at mom and Taylor, could I actually tell her I wanted to be dressed up. I looked at mom and asked what she thought. She smiled back, this is your decision. You sister and I will accept it. If you say no neither of us will pressure you to change your mind and if you say yes we will make you over and not tease you, Taylor will treat you as a sister and I will treat you as my daughter but it is your decision to make. I had to get the word out. Well it was kind of fun last week in a strange way, I guess I could do it again. Taylor jumped up and gave me a hug. Mom smiled well I guess I will have two daughters for the weekend. Mom got up and kissed us goodbye. As she was about to leave she looked back at us, Taylor why don’t you pick out a nice outfit for your brother and tonight before I get home help him get dressed up and do his makeup suitable for going out to dinner and when I get home we can go out just the three of us girls. Then she looked at me, I guess I better call the nail salon and see if they can fit you in tomorrow. You can get a manicure while Taylor and I get acrylics. Without thinking I said that sounds fun.
Taylor and I ran upstairs to get ready for the party today. Taylor gave me a pair of white panties and a pink bra to put on. Taylor put on a short white skirt and handed me the same just a little different style. She put on a pink halter top. The top had thin straps. She gave me a pink tank top but the straps were a little wider. She got us both a pair of 4″inch heels and we strapped them on. Taylor did her makeup and helped me with mine. We went a little heavier on the makeup as Taylor wanted a more grown up look so we used a red lipstick and red nail polish this time. I thought we both looked beautiful. We took our purses and walked over to Ashley’s house. Her mom let us in and told us how beautiful we looked.
A few minutes later Ashley came down the stairs. She had on a pink skirt that was really short and a white halter top. She had on her 4″ inch heels and her hair and makeup were perfect. She was truly beautiful. We both told her how great she looked and she said the same back to us. We all went out and got in her mom’s car and we were off. For the first time I thought about the fact I was now going someplace dressed as a girl with people who really thought of me as a girl. It was such a thrill.
We got to Circus Circus just before 10. We had to park way out in the parking lot and walk in which I really like but I don’t think Ashley’s mom felt the same way. When we got inside I saw a group of 5 girls standing at the entrance to the adventure dome and we would have to walk right by them. This scared me a little but also excited me at the same time. As we got closer one of the girls smiled and said happy birthday to Ashley, then the other girls turned around and also wished Ashley a happy birthday. Ashley thanked them and then introduced Taylor and myself to them, this is Jordan and Taylor. They just moved in down the block from me. She looked at us; these are my friends Mary, Jill, Pam, Becky and Jen). We all said hi but I was scared now. I had never thought about there being other people at this party.
The girls were all really nice and we all had on our short skirts and heels. As Jill said we will drive the boys wild. Ashley’s mom gave us all our tickets and then said she would be back at 3 pm to pick us up and she left. Now it was just us girls, eight of us and we had the next several hours to do what we wanted. We went on some rides and played some game. We had a great time. As we stood in line we would talk about things, several of the girls were boy crazy and that was all they wanted to talk about. The rest of us talked about fashion and makeup and hair styles and as strange as it sounds I understood most of it so I didn’t feel left out.
When 3 pm came around Ashley told the other girls she would see them at her house. Ashley Taylor and I walked out to wait for her mom. Her mom was waiting so we got in the car and drove back to Ashley’s house. The other girls were waiting. We all went inside and played games while her mother cooked the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. We sat on the back deck and talked; even Ashley’s mom sat with us and chatted. After we ate we played some more games. It was almost 5:30 when Ashley’s mom brought out the cake and ice cream. We all sang happy birthday to Ashley and she blew out all the candles. Taylor finally said we had to get going and thanked Ashley’s mom for taking us and we wished her a very happy birthday. As we were leaving I noticed the clock on the wall said 6:09. We were late and mom could be home any minute. So we rush right home. As we got to the door we saw mom’s car turn the corner.
We rushed upstairs and Taylor started to work on my makeup which is where mom found us when she came in. she gave us each a hug and kiss, my you two look pretty today and she went back downstairs to put the groceries away, I looked at Taylor and said that was to close we have to be more careful in the future. We touched up our makeup and went downstairs. Mom had finished putting away the groceries so she told us to get our purses so we could go.
We drove to a little restaurant and went in. we were seated right away and the waitress asked if we needed menus but mom said no. we will all three have the salad bar and three diet cokes The waitress said she would be back with our drinks and we could help ourselves to the salad bar. I looked at mom and she smiled. We girls need to watch what we eat and winked at Taylor and me. We got up and went to the salad bar which in a way was good sense we had all that food at Ashley’s house.
As we sat and ate mom reminded me to take smaller bites and to sit properly. Mom was great and helpful. She never got mad or upset and she did treat me as her daughter never once making me feel bad or ashamed of how I was dressed. After dinner mom took us to the movies. I was really enjoying being out with mom and Taylor. If only mother knew how I truly felt or maybe she did I thought. No she can’t we have been too careful. When we got home mom kissed us goodnight and said we needed to be at the nail salon at 10 am, she smiled at me you have an appointment to for a manicure. I hope you enjoy it. I went into the bathroom and removed my makeup but I left the nail polish on and went to bed. It had been the perfect day. I dreamed all night long about what had happened today.

Chapter eight
In the morning I got up and saw my pretty nails painted red and all the feelings from the day before came back. I went downstairs and we all ate breakfast. It was nice not to have to hide from mom if even for just a couple day. We cleaned up the kitchen and we all went upstairs. Mom put my hair up in curlers and then helped me pick out and outfit. She smiled at Taylor and I, you both have great legs so I guess something with a short skirt. She pulled out two floral print dresses. I think these will do. She helped had me put on a pair of pale pink panties and then helped me with my bra. I thought to myself I could do this on my own but I didn’t want her to know so I let her help me. She put the breast enhancers in my bra and again I had that beautiful cleavage. After wards she had me put on the dress and then she gave me a pair of 2″ heels. I really liked the 4″inch but again went with what mom recommended. She took the curlers out of my hair and brushed it out till I had a mass of curls and wave hair. It looked so beautiful. Then she did my makeup and I once again looked like my sister, a pretty young lady. Taylor came into mom’s bedroom and looked at me, wow you look beautiful. She smiled, let’s go girls we have a nail appointment. We walked outside and got in the car and we were off.
When we got to the nail salon we all walked in. mom told us to go pick out the color of nail polish we wanted. Taylor and I looked at all the colors. I liked the reds and she liked the pinks. Taylor asked me if I thought we should have the same color and I thought that was a good idea. We finally agreed on a color that was a purplish pink. The name was Pompeii pink by OPI. Mom came over and saw the nail polish in my hand. That’s a beautiful color dear and then she asked Taylor. Taylor smiled we are both going to wear this color so we look the same. Mom smiled well I guess I will have the same color as my girls so we all went over and sat down. Taylor was at the first table, mom at the next in the middle and I was on the end.
The nail tech was really nice and she started to work on my nails. The three of us would talk and we were having a great time. Having my nails done was so much fun but I was paying more attention to moms hand as I wanted to see what acrylics were. She trimmed my nails and then took out a file and filed them, not just the ends but also the tops. I looked back and she was gluing nail tips on my nails. They were doing the same to mom’s hand. When she got done she asked my mom how long she wanted our nails. My mom smiled, I think a ½ inch will be fine. The lady trimmed the nails off at ½ inch and they were long and beautiful. I looked over and they had done the same thing to mom’s nails and Taylor. Next she dipped a brush into a liquid and then into a powder and started to apply it to my nails over the top. I was amazed at how quickly she finished one nail and then on to the next. I looked over at mom to see what they were doing to her nails and they had done the same. I was waiting to see what the difference was between my manicure and their acrylic nails. When she finished with this she brought out what looked like a little grinder and started to grind down my nails and smooth them out. When she finished this she told me to go and wash my hands at the sink. I did as she said and came back. Mom was headed for the sink to wash her hands. I sat back down and the nail tech put on a clear nail polish. When she finished this she took the color we had picked and applied it to each nail. When she finished the last nail she started over again and put a second coat on each nail. She then handed the nail color to the lady doing my mom’s nails. By this time Taylor was going over to wash her hands. The nail tech put one last coat of clear polish on my nails and then took me over to a table and had me sit down and place my hands into a nail dryer. I couldn’t watch mom and Taylor any more so I would have to wait to see what the acrylics were. Soon mom came over and put her hands into the nail dryer next to me. She smiled at me, how did you like getting your nails done? I thought to myself this was the best thing I have ever done but knew I couldn’t say that to mom. I smiled and said it was kind of fun thanks for letting me do this. She smiled again and said it was my pleasure Jordan. I have looked forward to getting my nails done with my daughters. Soon Taylor came over and put her hands into the nail dryer. The three of us sat there for about twenty minutes as our nails dried. I really wanted to see moms and Taylor’s nails as I knew how much I liked mine and theirs must be spectacular. The nail tech came over and had me take my hand out and touched the nail. Almost dry my dear and she sprayed something on my nails and had me put them back in the dryer. She did the same to my mom’s nails and then to Taylor’s nail. She looked at us and said just a couple minutes and you are good to go. We all thanked them and she asked mom if she would like to set up an appointment for a fill. Mom said yes how about two weeks from today. She came back and gave mom an appointment card and said we were good to go. I took my hands out of the dryer and looked at them. They were beautiful and long and I loved them. Taylor couldn’t stop looking at her nails and gave mom a big hug. Thanks mom I love my new nails. Taylor was so excited about her nails she forgot all about me. I wanted to compare our nails so I could see what the acrylics were. She got into the car and finally Taylor realized I was there and she asked did you enjoy your manicure Jordan? I smiled and said yes it was really fun. Then she asked if she could see my nails. I was in the front seat so I turned around and showed them to her so I could see the difference between our nails. Her moth dropped open, your nails are beautiful and you have acrylic nails too. Taylor put her hand next to mine and there was no difference to our nails. Taylor spoke up, mom Jordan got acrylic nails too. Mom smiled yes she did I figured that you both were old enough for acrylic nails. Taylor smiled at me and in a quiet voice said, you can’t just remove these with a little nail polish remover it takes a couple hours and afterwards you can tell you had them on. I thought what was mom thinking?

Chapter nine
As we drove away from the salon mom smiled again oh by the way I have been meaning to ask you if you thanked Miss Wells. Taylor and I looked at each other, who is Miss Wells she asked mom? Mom smiled again and said Miss Wells you know Ashley’s mom for taking you to the adventure dome yesterday. We both got this panicked look on our faces and I was scared. Mom knew some how she had found out. Mom again said I hope both my daughters showed good manures and thanked her. Taylor spoke up yes mom we did thank her. Mom smiled that good and kept driving.
We stopped at a small diner for lunch and went in. I was really feeling a little scared now about how I was dressed. We were both waiting for mom to get mad at us and for me dressing as a girl how disappointed she must be in me. We ordered our food and I couldn’t take it anymore. I can explain mom but she stopped me. Yes you do have some explaining to do young lady and so do you Taylor. I had to know so I asked, how did you find out mom? She looked at us both, not from you. The other morning as I was leaving for work Judy Wells came by and introduced her to me and said she wanted to meet me and ask me if my two daughters could go to her daughter’s birthday party before she asked you. I was a little caught off guard when she said daughters but she explained how the two of you met her daughter and has been playing together the past several days. I was a little shocked to learn I had two daughters but she did tell me how polite and pretty you were. So you have known for a few days I asked? She looked at me, yes dear. You should have come to me and been honest instead of going behind my back. I looked down and said how sorry I was. Taylor asked what our punishment would be. Mom looked at her and then me; you will be taking on all the chores around Aunt Jessica’s house. You will clean the house every Tuesday and Saturday from top to bottom. You will do all the laundry and dishes and starting tomorrow you will each take a turn cooking for a day. That means planning the meals and doing the grocery shopping, I will drive you to the store. She looked at Taylor tomorrow is your day, I expect you to prepare Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then she looked at me and the next day it will be your turn, you two will alternate days till summer is over. Aunt Jessica has some nice cook books you can use.
I knew my time dressing as a girl had come to an end. I again told mom how sorry I was and I wouldn’t dress this way again. Mom smiled at me, thanks dear but what do you suppose we do? I looked at her for a moment. She smiled at me again. I am sorry Jordan but Judy and Ashley know you as my daughter as long as we are living at Aunt Jessica’s house you will have to stay my daughter. That is why I had them give you acrylic nails. She looked at both of us and smiled. Acrylic nails are beautiful but they take a lot of work. You two will keep them and take care of them till the end of summer and if you notice they are longer than mine because I know how hard it is to have long nails. I looked at moms hand and she was right. Her nails were only ¼ inch long while both Taylor and I had nails that were ½ inch long.
After lunch mom took us to the mall by our house and we walked in. our first stop was at a beauty salon. Mom talked to the lady and then came over to Taylor and me. Jordan dear it is time you got a more stylish hair style. I have told the beautician what to do, so you are to be a good little girl and stay here whiles your sister and I go shopping. I got a scared look on my face as I have never been out alone this way. Taylor and mom walked off and left me there. The lady looked at me, don’t worry dear you will look beautiful when I get done with you Jordan. She led me over and sat me in a chair. My hair was long and was down below my shoulders. She trimmed a little off and then she shampooed my hair. She then mixed up a cream and put it in my hair and put a bag over my head. She washed my face with different creams and then put what she called a mud mask on my face. It felt funny as it dried it made my skin feel tight. She leaned me back and started to work on my eyes. She had what looked like a little pen light and as she moved it over my eyebrows I could feel heat, almost a burning sensation. It was very uncomfortable and I was not having fun. She spent about five minutes on each eyebrow and then she smiled much better Jordan. She then took the bag off my hair and washed it again. I asked when we could wash my face as the mask had dried and was really uncomfortable now. She smiled again, let’s get your hair up in curlers first and then we will take the mask off. She put yet another solution in my hair and then started to put curlers in it. Some were big curlers and some were small and she seemed to know just how to place them. She pulled the hair so tight as she wound them in the curlers it brought tears to my eyes. Mom was showing me how hard it was to be a girl.
When she finished putting all the curlers in my hair she had me lean forward and she washed the mud mask off my face. Then she leaned me back and put a hair dryer on my head. There we are sweetie just sit here and let your hair dry. She walked over and started to work on another lady. The salon was busy and there were lots of woman and girls in there and I was so afraid sense I was all by myself. About a half hour later she came back and checked my hair. She smiled almost dry dear, let’s start on your makeup. She put on the foundation and then she put on some eye liner, mascara, a dark green eye shadow, a little blush and a deep red lipstick. She stepped back that is such a cute look sweetie you mother will love it. We are almost done. She then took hold of my left ear and said just sit still this will only hurt a little. I felt a little pressure on my ear and then heard a big pop and felt a sharp pain in my ear. I reached up and had a stud in my ear. She did the same thing on my other ear. Sweetie you will need to wear these stud earrings for two weeks strait then you can put in other types of earrings like hoops which would look great on you. She then took the dryer off my head and started to remove the curlers and brush out my hair. I could not believe how long this was taking but she finally was satisfied with the look and smiled, that’s it Jordan that is the look I wanted. You are beautiful she turned me around so I could see myself in the mirror.
My hair was a light brown before but now it was almost blonde, it was the same color as Taylor and my mom’s. It was also really wavy with lots of curls and made my hair look fuller which also made my face look smaller and more feminine. My face, the foundation she used was a little lighter and gave me a fresh younger look. My eyes were perfect and my eye brows were shaped almost like a model and were very feminine. I totally looked like a young girl. I could not believe how I looked. I went and sat in the front of the beauty salon and waited for my mom and Taylor to return. It seemed like forever but they returned about 20 minutes later. Taylor could not believe how I looked and gave me a big hug. Don’t worry Jordan I will help you get through this. Mom smiled I hope you liked your treatment dear. I smiled and said it was okay. Mom smiled dear proper English dear. I expect both of you to be proper young ladies so the correct thing to say is yes mom, I loved it. I looked at her and tried to smile, yes mom, I loved it. Then she looked at Taylor what do you think young lady? Taylor got scared and smiled, yes mom she looks beautiful. I said to mom, look at my eyebrows they are so feminine. She smiled that is how they should be and I expect you to keep them plucked like that so they always look nice. I was about to say yes mom when the beautician spoke up, you don’t need to worry about that miss Roberts. We do electrolysis here so the eyebrows won’t grow back. Mom looked at me and could see the horror on my face. As we left she gave me a hug, sorry dear I didn’t know, but there is no sense crying over what has already been done. We went back to the car and I asked Taylor what her and mom had done while I was in the beauty salon. She just smiled. I heard mom say it is a surprise for you when we get home.
We got home and mom told me to go sit on the deck and think about what I had done and she would come out and talk to me after her and Taylor had a little talk. I did as she said and went outside. All week long I have loved to dress this way but something was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I sat out there for over an hour wondering what mom and Taylor were talking about. Mom finally came out and sat down next to me. Jordan dear you know I love you right? Yes Mom I said. Why did you not come to me and tell me instead of going behind my back? I was scared what you might think I said trying not to cry. You know I would love you no matter what. Yes mom I said. She gave me a hug you know if you had talked to me we could have done this in a way to keep it private dear but with Ashley and her mom and probable some of the neighbors thinking you are a girl you will have to live that way till we can afford to move. I started to cry. Mom hugged me again, what’s wrong you like to dress this way don’t you? I looked at her, yes mom but I could always change back now I have to be a girl till we move. She hugged me again well dear we don’t have any choice so from now on you are Jordan my daughter. What about Aunt Jessica I cried. She comes home next weekend. I know dear, I will explain it to her. Now go up to your room Taylor is waiting for you.
When I got upstairs Taylor was sitting on my bed. I walked in and sat down next to her. She gave me a hug and said she was sorry; she was just as much to blame. I said thanks but I am the one who is now forced to be a girl. I know she said but I will do whatever I can to help you. I looked over and on my dresser was a bunch of makeup. I asked Taylor where it came from. She again said I am sorry but mom thought you should have your own makeup in your room that way if Ashley comes over she will not notice anything strange. I looked at her; you think if Ashley sees makeup on my dresser she won’t think this is a boy’s room. Taylor said nothing just looked down. I got a really bad feeling. I ran over to my dresser and opened up the top drawer. It was full of panties indifferent colors. I pulled open the next drawer and there were bras and nylons. The bottom draw was empty. I went to my closet and there hung dresses, skirts, blouses and some very feminine tank tops. And on the floor was an assortment of heels. Everything that was male was gone from my room. I was trapped. I looked on my bed behind Taylor and there was a pink night gown for me. Taylor came over and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Mom thought it would be easier if anything male was removed. The rest of the day I just sat in my room thinking about what had happened. When it was bed time mom and Taylor came in to see how I was. We all sat and talked for a few minutes then Taylor said goodnight and gave me a kiss. Mom helped me put on my night gown and kissed me good night. I dreamed all night about being a girl but in these dreams I was trapped. It wasn’t the same feeling.
Monday morning came and I went downstairs for breakfast. Taylor cooked breakfast and cleaned up afterwards. Mom and I put on our bikinis and went out to the pool. After Taylor cleaned up she put her bikini on and came out to the pool. It was about 10 am when we heard the door bell ring. Mom got up and went inside. Taylor asked how I was doing. I just smiled, a little better. I have to try to make the best of this till we move.
Mom came back and with her was Ashley and her mom and they both had their bikinis on. Mom smiled, I thought sense you had been over at their house we should invite them over for the day. Ashley came over and gave Taylor and me a hug. Wow you have a pool how great is that. I smiled back it was nice to see Ashley I really liked her. Mom and Judy came over and sat down. Judy smiled you two must be twins even your bikinis look the same. Suddenly I realized how I was dressed. I felt a little self-conscious in front of them. After a few hours I settled down and we all had a good time. They stayed for dinner and Taylor again did the whole thing. As they left Miss Well’s thanked mom and again told her what well mannered daughters she had. The rest of the week went the same way. Mom would leave for work and Ashley would come over to swim. Her mom even came a couple times. By the end of the week I was feeling better about my situation the biggest problem was that even with the breast enhancers in my bikini my breast were small for a girl my age while Taylor and Ashley had nice big breast.
Saturday night came and I was really scared because Aunt Jessica would be home tomorrow morning. Mom held me and said don’t worry sweetie. I will pick her up at the airport and explain everything on the way home. I didn’t sleep well Saturday night.
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