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A puny conversation
Co-win, Word Count 313 for May's 'The Dialogue 500' contest

Bird brain.

Buzz off.

I was here first. You think winging it in like that will put a feather in your cap? Fergetaboutit.

I said buzz off. Take your little bee hind elsewhere. Think you own this place?

Watch it, bird brain. Don’t stick your beak in where it doesn’t belong. If you’d been nice, we could have shared a flowery conversation and both petaled ourselves some nectar of the gods.

Yeww. You got yellow stuff all over your legs. You’re pollinated! You’re going to give me hives or asthma. You’re bugging me. Get lost. All I wanted was to rest myself here for a moment. Maybe pick a peck or two for my nest.

That’s it? Bird brain? You seem like you were a good egg when you were younger. What happened to you? Why don’t you just go eat worms? Take it from me, Chirpy, you’d best start singing another song if you want to get anywhere in this world. Go. I’ve got to get back to my honey.

Geez. I didn’t realize you were planning a sting operation. Let’s call it a truce and we both go our own way. Talking about the birds and the bees is getting neither one of us anywhere.

Bird brain. For once you got the right idea. Go ahead and catch the next flight out. If this sting idea goes wrong it could be the death of me.

Oh, buzz off.

Goodbye, you two. I'm glad I didn't butt in on your conversation. Whew. Listening to mother nature's children instead of trying to reshape everything in our image is really the best human thing we can do. I wish people knew how to garden our thoughts and work things out like the birds and the bees. It would give birth to a whole new world.
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