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This is series I started back in 2017. contains furry characters and vore
Zoey and Jack the Neera

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

(Warning; mild vore, GT, Furry, Neera size 1 inch tall)

“Jack, C’mon we need to go NOW!!” Jacks's Father Chris Yelled as he grabbed his hands making him drop his stuff as their house started to creak and the structure of the beams supporting the house started to crack till they snapped. Jack ran out the door with his father towards the woods.

Jack quickly looking back at his house slowly crumbling to the ground as a giantess ripped through it, Jack gulped hard as he turned away and continued to run. Jack was only 15 at the time and never knew what the giantess was or how they become giantesses. He just followed his father’s orders.

Chris was a good father, always looking after Jack and keeping him safe, Chris knew all about the giantess, he knew they lived just like us in houses, had cars and all but we were different from them. All males in the world were transformed into something we would have thought was in fairy tales or dreams. We were all half human and half mouse, most people called us mouse boys or neera’s.
We had trouble getting used to our new features but we weren’t alone when one fellow male found a female but she was not just an ordinary human she was a giantess and an appearance like a cat. Chris thought to himself that females must have grown but really all males just shrunk while females live in the world they already had.

Chris stopped thinking and continued to run through the trees holding Jacks' hand but instantly felt Jacks' hand slip through his fingers. Instantly turning around to see a giant wolf bring his son up to her muzzle. Jack yelped as he was lifted up towards her muzzle.
Jack looked into her yellow eyes as she blinked and smiled. Jack looking down at his father telling him he was okay but Chris did not like it one bit. Chris ran towards the giant wolf but was picked up by another giantess behind him. As he was picked up he noticed her hand had claws and knew for a fact she was a catgirl. Chris looked at both giantesses noticing their age was at least 20 young females. Ever since Chris and the other mouse boys were changed we can never understand the giants.

Chris turned around to see two bright red eyes staring into him and gulped as he watched her lick her lips and proceed to move him closer to her lips. Chris yelled out to Jack to run and escape as far away as he could but Jack sat there horrified as the Black furred cat girl opened her maw and a snake-like tongue wrapped around his father’s torso, pulling him in past her fangs and slowly closing her lips. On the outside, Jack watches in fear as the giantess purrs and moves his father left to right in her maw coating him in saliva. Jack kept shaking his head and shuddering as the black cat girl looks at Jack and winks at him. Suddenly she tilts her head and swallows. Jack tried to move out of the Giantess wolf's grip but to no anvil, she held onto him tightly.

Chris continued to yell as he was trashed around till he finally felt his world turn upside down as he felt gravity take place, falling towards her uvula. He closed his eyes as he was swallowed down her throat towards her stomach.

The giant wolf and the catgirl stare at Jack, Jack cowered in fear, and the wolf brings out a beanie and places Jack into it then softly placing it into her bag. Jack heard nothing as the two giantess’s walked away with him in their backpack. Jack cried himself to sleep trying to remove the horrible death his father just received.


Jack awoke slowly, rubbing his eyes as he gets up from the cold floor, noticing the floor was a light grey carpet. His vision coming clear seeing the room had glass walls all around him and a black cloth covering up any light to shine through.

Jack got up and walked towards the glass with the cloth on the outside. He placed his hand onto the glass realizing it was defiantly solid and he was trapped. Looking up towards the top of his glass container were two double hinges that looked like they could open upwards, Jack smiled but frowned as he saw a heavy padlock on the lid.

Jack walked to the back of his room sitting on his bottom listening to silence. Jack twitched his ears as he heard a door open then slowly close behind someone outside of his cage. The sound of keys dropping onto a tabletop. Listening closely as a blind winded up. Instantly the dark cloth lightened up as the light shined through the window and into Jack's room.

Suddenly Jack was blinded as the black cloth was removed and blinding sunlight bored into his enclosure. Jack cringed his eyes as he placed a hand up to block the sun's glaze. In doing so he looked around the room which now to Jacks's horror seeing not just one glass container but dozens exactly like his. Jack looking into the glass containers seeing other mouse boys but all different ages.

Jack didn’t know what to say or think, they all were still sleeping most of them either had an orange and white shirt on and guess whatever pants they had on since they were captured.

Noticing around the room each glass container had a number going from 5 to 10. Jack looked closely and seeing they weren’t ordinary numbers they were price tags for five dollars or ten dollars. Jack looked off the containers and seeing the main door entrance has a bell on the top for every time it opened it would ring. Jack sighed as he knew where he was. He was in a pet shop made for his kind, Jack only guessing for food or pets.

Jack looked down at his shirt noting he was wearing a white shirt and read sixty dollars. Jack read it again to himself then looked over at other mouse boy’s containers. He was shocked his price tag was higher than any mouse boy in the shop. Jack scratched his head multiple times trying to figure out why he was a higher value than others.

Jack heard a rattling noise above his cage. Looking up, he looked into the eyes of the wolf who placed him in a beanie the night before, she smiled as she unlocked the lid, opened it, and staring down at Jack. She gently reached in towards Jack, Jack instantly backed up scared as she curled or warm furry hands around his waist lifting him up and out of his cage. Jack looked at her noticing she was wearing a black shirt and black leggings and the beanie had cuts in them for her ears.

Jack gulped as he was now eye level with the wolf, she just smiled and spoke but nothing came out, Jack knew he couldn’t understand her so he just hanged there in her grip watching her mouth as she spoke.

“You look so cute, if only you could understand what I was saying I didn’t mean that my friend killed your father, now your food or a pet for someone special,” she said smiling but frowning at the end.

Jack watched her walk over to the sink and turning on the tap. She added soap and placed the jack down beside the sink as it filled up with soapy warm water. The giant wolf came back and laid out her hand for Jack and jack swiftly walked on as he didn’t want to anger her. The wolf gently submerged Jack under the water and slightly scrubbing him. She took his clothes off till he was in his undergarments. She blushed as she saw how fit he was for a mouse boy.

She continued to wash him, once finished she placed him on a blue towel and drying him up. Jack smiled as he felt refreshed as he was dried off. The wolf turned around and back to Jack holding a [air of new white pants and a new orange shirt reading sixty dollars on it.

The wolf placed up the towel and allowed him to get dressed in private. Jack clapped his hands letting her know he was dressed. The wolf was shocked to see him clap his hands. She shrugged it off and lifted him up to her muzzle admiring him then proceeding to walk back to the front of the shop.

She opened the lid and placed Jack back into his glass container.
The wolf smiled and locked the lid and walked off. Jack was surprised she was so gentle but didn’t want to say anything just yet. Jack looked next to him seeing another mouse boy against the glass looking at him. Jack got up and moved towards the glass and spoke.

“Can you hear me?” Jack asks calmly.

“Loud and clear Jack,” he said nodding.

“How do you know my name,” Jack asked confused.

“It’s on your t-shirt, my name is Andrew, and it’s nice to meet you,” he said smiling and pointing on his shirt where his name was.

“Oh well it’s nice to meet you too Andrew” Jack replied.

“We won’t be here very long, this shop gets at least 20 girls in here daily taking one of us out for food,” he says sadly.

“Is that all we are to them, just…..food?” Jack asked.

“Yea it’s pretty sad, when I first got captured by the owner, I thought she was so gentle but she has eaten at least six of us. She just acts like your best friend” Andrew replied sighing as he looked up at Jack.

Jack didn’t know what to say as he stood there trying to take it all in.

“Andrew if I may ask do you know why I’m a higher value than others,” Jack asked.

“No sorry, my guess is the owner must think there must be something special about you. I’ve seen some mouse boys got a little higher than your price but were only because of their taste” Andrew replied.

“There taste?” Jack replied slowly.

“Yea, most mouse boys have different tastes for catgirls, foxes, and wolves, just all depend, but let me warn you don’t try and get picked out first when a girl comes in to buy as she most likely will eat you, just act normal but most girls won’t buy you because of your price tag,” Andrew says softly but was interrupted as the front door of the shop opened making the bell ring.

Jack went to the back of his room and sat down as he watched the girl walk in looking at all the cages. She was a young cat girl around the age of 16. She wore a school uniform and a ten-dollar note in her hand. Jacked watched her out of curiosity, she eyed Jack but laid her eyes on Andrew and smiled licking her lips coating them in saliva that glistened in the sunlight as she turned towards the window.

“Andrew” Jack shouts as he watches the owner take the ten-dollar note and opens Andrews’s lid.
“Jack listen just do what I told you, don’t draw attention to them” he yelled out as the wolf brought him out and into the claws of the young cat girl.

Jack watched in horror and she smiled lifting him up above her face, opening her maw showing the boy her fangs. Jack kept shouting but to no anvil. Jack watched the girl walk outside with Andrew. The girl was just outside the window and Jack watched Andrew tumble off her hand and into her maw. The girl closes her maw sealing him inside. Jack watched in shock and in fear as she smiled and tilted her head back swallowing him. She then headed off like it was nothing.

Jack sat there shaking and in fear as he just met him and to see him die. Jack sat down crying and falling asleep in the corner of his container.


Weeks turned into months and months turned into a year for Jack. Jack never made friends with anyone as they were either taken or eaten the next day. Jack started to realize that he could actually hear and understand the giant language. Jack thought he was hallucinating or going crazy. Jack was now 20 years old. He could understand the giants clearly. He asked his fellow mouse boys but said he was crazy. Jack was convinced he could talk back to the giants but kept it hidden.

It was just another late afternoon for Jack sitting in his room with a water jug on the far right and a mattress. Jack looking up at the time noticing it was 4:30 pm. The shop closed at 5:00 pm.
Jack heard the door ring and open up revealing a fox girl, around the same age as him. Jack looked at her, she was beautiful, and her fur was bright orange fur with tips of red fur. She had long blonde hair just past her breasts. She wore a black T-Shirt and tight skinny dark grey Jeans.
She hovered over Jacks's container for a few minutes, Jack made eye contact with her, she smiled but jack was mixed with amazement but also fear as she eyed him.

The fox girl laid her eyes off him and spoke to the shop owner.

“Excuse me, is there a reason why he’s dearer than others” she sweetly asked, Jack listened to her voice it was so soothing.

“ His price is up only because he’s a little smarter than other mouse boys but really I'm not too sure if you like you can have him for fifty dollars,” The wolf asked she watched her bend down and looked at Jack closely.

“Sure, “She said smiling.

Jack was scared as he saw the shop owner lifted him out of his lifetime cage and into the warm hands of the fox girl. Jack watched her wave to the owner. Jack looked up at the owner of the shop and waved too, she smiled but frowned as you went out the door.

Jack looked up into the fox girl's eyes, she stared back down into his. Her crystal blue eyes blinked twice as she just smiled and walked gently along the side street of the city. Jack was amazed at how beautiful the world was. He watched her walk to a yellow coupe and with a click of a button. The car unlocked. She got into the driver's seat and placed Jack onto the dash and started the car. Jack watched her undo her hair bun as her hair flowed evenly down her shoulders.

Jack looked out the windscreen as they drove past the pet shop and continued down the road. Jack smiled at her and she smiled back bringing a hand towards him gently patting him on the head.

Jack sat still as he watched her drive, slowly arriving at a very tall house. She got out and gently lifted him onto her hand and walking towards the front door. With a loud click the door unlocked.
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