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complex harmonies, that have been likened to a quire of angels
         Just who is he?
         Two months ago know one had heard of him or her or them.
         Now he as three songs in the top five of the download charts, despite the lack of broadcast radio play.
         And then there is the music.
         Tunes ranging in length from nineteen minutes three seconds to seventy three minute forty.
         Of a lub thud, lub thud, lub thud, heart beat. Mostly at one hundred and twenty beats per minute; then slowly and inexorably climbing up to one hundred thirty five beats per minute, rapidly crescendoing to one hundred and sixty, crashing to sixty, before recovering back to one twenty. Repeating in multiples for the duration of the tune.
         Music to dance to.
         Dance is definitely a euphemism.
         And then there is the tunes the melodies and the rich incredibly complex harmonies, that have been likened to a quire of angels having an orgy. No instruments. Just vocal parts; pitch shifted, and phase shifted, and filtered, and distorted, and built up, layer, upon layer, upon layer. Music that ignores the listeners brain, grabs you heart and drags you along with it.
         This reporter can confirm I now know to the true identity of 2EZ. Not the Japanese based chat bot that she hides behind. No. the real woman. I followed the money. And here she is.
         Professor. Professor Lovelace. You are professor Aida Lovelace of the computer department here at the states community collage. You are 2EZ.
         Well yes.
         Well sort of. This is too easy. "she slaps her laptop. "the computer personality unit had to prove it could make money. So we wrote a music producer identity and let it create its own music."

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