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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2251500
Julia tries an antique beauty recipe.

Julia looked at herself in the mirror. Her head was covered with a sticky, gross and unattractive mixture.
She headed to the pump to wash it off, as it had been on for long enough. After soaping and rinsing three times, she screamed. It echoed through the valley and brought her husband Tobias running.
“Julia! Are you all right?” he shouted as he ran up to her.
“This has never happened before,” she sobbed, throwing herself into his arms.
“What are you talking about?” Tobias asked.
Removing the towel she had wrapped around her head, his wife revealed her hairless head. She showed him that the towel was full of her beautiful golden hair.
“Is this the work of your great-great-grandmother’s book of beauty recipes?”
Julia nodded.
“At least it’s only hair. It will grow back.”
“But what if it doesn’t?”
“It is your heart and mind I love, not your hair!” her husband said.
“But what will everyone else think?” Julia wondered, bursting into fresh tears.
“We’ll figure that out when we have to,” Tobias said.
Months went by and Julia stayed in the house. Every day, she inspected her head, looking for returning hair strands. Nothing.
She was in despair until she noticed something new and became terrified. She was growing a moustache and beard instead of head hair! Tobias thought it amusing.
“I don’t know why your beard should be more luxurious and thicker than mine. We may have to change roles. I’ll stay home and keep the house while you go out and tend the farm,” he told her, laughing.
Julia was about to take her husband’s razor to her face, when the hair simply fell out. Her skin was soft and smooth. And miracle of miracles, she was developing thick down on her head!

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