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After a long day of work, Jason and Miranda were at a cop bar named Dixies. As soon as Jason sat down he ordered a double shot of rum. This was the only place that he knew wouldn't cut him off after a few drinks. Miranda looked around the bar slowly, she saw all of the cops that she worked with.

Jason said to her, "You always look around like you might be surprized who's in here."

Miranda replied, "You remember last year when those freshman hooligans came in here? I'm just scouting the tallent."

Jason tipped his hat, "Scout away then, I doubt that'll ever happen again."

Tisha came up from behind, "What do you think about those boy's, killing all those girls?"

Jason spoke in his radio announcer voice, "Officially on the record I say its a shame."

"And off the record?"

"If I were their daddy, I would've raised them better. I think they should be hung by their balls until they fall off, and then beaten senselessly. Hell is too good a place for them."

"If you sent them to prison, don't you think that would sort em out?"

Jason finished his drink in one sip, and ordered another.

"I never really thought of that. The important thing we have to do now is catch them, and make sure they get sentenced to the chair."

Jason again finished the new drink in one gulp.

"You said hell was to good for them? Can I use that quote?"

"Yes. The killing is just getting worse, and more and more senseless. It seems the older I get, the more goes on that would test a good mans stomach. Sometimes, I think I'm just too old for this crap."

Miranda turned to Jason. "I do believe you're right."

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