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A religion about fun and how it's practiced in one essay!
Funnerianism is the religion I created that pretty much worships the act of having fun, and which fun is the only thing that is good for mankind. Julius the Jules, is the name, and here is a neat little trivia game...err...essay!

For example, why not find a field of work that you love to do, rather than stick to a boring, grinding job? Someone like Daniel M. Jones had a good time in a job most people would find boring because it kept his mind busy (don't we autistics just love fun?)!

In Funnerianism, we believe that the purpose for living and the meaning of life is to have fun as much as possible while still being a responsible citizen!

If you worship a God like I do, we believe that God created us so we could have fun in this life and possibly the afterlife whether we will be reincarnated or merge with God! Although, the worship or lack of worship of any Gods/Goddesses is up to the individual Funnerianist! Also your personal beliefs about the afterlife are welcome as well, but for me specifically, I will give up my individuality/personality when I pass into the afterlife as not to be reborn in another life, which this deathless state is the ultimate bliss and fun!

Feel free to call yourself a Funnerianist and start your own church if you want. You can do anything you want with the name or tenets of Funnerianism and/or Funnerianist philosophy as long as you worship fun!

Now, isn't this the most fun religion? Yee-uh!
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