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Rated: E · Fiction · Folklore · #2251671
Philip II of Macedonia is future father of legendary adventurer Alexander but is a wraith!
Philip II was in the proud Argead dynasty of Macedonian kings and revolutionized the Ancient Macedonian army and established the ingenious phalanx system which would not be circularized until the reign of his adventurer son Alexander the Great! Philip II would achieve much for Macedonia before his dominion would be exclamatory and exclamated by his iconic godlike son Alexander the Great, the mighty future adventurer who'd boast being the pupil of Aristotle who himself was the pupil of Plato! Indeed, Philip II of Macedonia would create his own unique stamp on the region before Alexander took it up to comic book proportions.

PHILIP II: If I'm remembered, it'd be for the grand roads leading to laurels.

It was therefore a shock to the historians of the future that this legendary ruler, father to Alexander the Great, would eventually be considered a simple father figure to history rather than the torch-bearer his son would be destined to become, much to the delight of his envious queen and wife Olympias. Indeed, father figure Philip defeated the Greek city-states of Athens and Thebes before establishing the League of Corinth with himself as commander. He'd become like a laurel-man of historianship, a figure of molded persuasion. Why didn't historians wonder more about the sensitive relationship between Philip II of Macedonia and Alexander the Great?

PHILIP II: The League of Corinth will remind future scholars of my ambitions.

This was a time in the ancient world on Earth of incredible heroics and historical folklore. The world was shaping city states and empires through the lens of great socialized mobilization and army choreography, and there weren't even the grand towers of English castles yet anywhere in sight. Philip II of Macedonia was therefore a deep thinker about his own fortunate position in molding this dynamic ancient world into a seething cauldron of imaginative social science. Why didn't people wonder more about what he'd teach his son Alexander the Great?

PHILIP II: Alexander's Aristotle's pupil, and I've seen him shine.

Just before the grand figure of this offbeat ancient ruler managed to invade the empire of Persia, he's assassinated by one of his own palace guards. Rumors fly it's because his envious wife Olympias has schemed with defiant son Alexander who's discovered their father figure is perhaps scandalously adulterous and wrathful and had become too proud. However, this untimed assassination might be the prologue to what will become a human civilization diorama about the destined course of governance dance, a furious re-presentation of certain human pride taken to ornamental tragedy!
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