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Action element exercise.

ASSIGNMENT: Using action elements only (no dialogue), write a snippet of a scene featuring a chase. It could be a car chase, a chase on foot, a chase in fighter jets or on horseback... describe the pursuit and get my blood pumping! You do not need to worry about introducing the characters or setting up the chase or anything; just drop me into the middle of the chase and show me that you know how to catch and keep my attention with your action description! Feel free to write as much of the chase as you want, but I'm looking for at least 8-10 individual action elements at minimum.


JOE the young cowboy crashes out through the upstairs window of the bar/brothel.

He tries to stand, but the balcony rail fails. He falls to the ground.

He lands on his gun arm with a thud. Just missing his horse.

Joe climbs onto his horse and rides north

THE CORONALS MEN are riding into town from the north, shooting and shouting.

THE CORONAL aims his rifle to shoot Joe in the back.


The Coronal is about to shoot. He is hit by a thrown pillow and misfires.

He walks over to SUE ANNE on the bed and hits her.


Joe pulls up and turns to ride south.

A shot hits the ground nearby.

Joe rides back the way he came, staying close to the building.

The coronals men follow, shooting wildly.

Joe dismounts and leads his horse down a narrow gap between buildings.

He remounts and rides cross-country into the darkness.

The coronals men pile up on the street, some dismount and walk through the gap. The rest set off still on horseback.

Arriving at the other side of the gap, they look at the dark wilderness and end their pursuit.

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