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That which lyes under our own happiness.
Trying Toxic Happiness is my term for what others might call hypocrisy. That's the easiest way I can describe what toxic happiness is. There's more to it than just that. It's the world we live in as we go about our day today how often do you the reader stop and think of others who without others' help would die?

Do you ever stop to think about all the people that you passed by? The statistic of how many of those people not making it to where they want to end their day might shock you.

Imagine how many people that is. Meanwhile, you just happen to be at the odds. You may have had a rough day, but you made it to the place you wanted to go.

Imagine all the people who won't be able to have the same chance tomorrow. Those people are the stepping stones of others' happiness.

Everything we know of is built by the victorious of yesterday. When the history of what once was is not the truth of what happened. When being happy has an outstandingly high cost with little value. All the while we remain blissfully unaware of that cost.

That's toxic happiness.

There was statistical data released by an independent victimology report. It stated that all victims had made some sort of choice that leads to them becoming a victim of a crime. You can agree or agree that's you to you. I would like to point out everything you can be or won't be is a choice that you make.

Life is like one of those grand adventure books that ask you to make a choice. Then turn to a certain page to continue the adventure. Except you don't get to skip back to safety if you don't like the outcome of the adventure.

The toxic happiness here is their need for a victim at all. Why does it seem like that there has to be a victim?
Oh, that's just how things are. I refuse that answer. That's how we justify human nature.

If it's human nature to step on another and not to expect others to step on us. That's being delusional.

The real truth is that we are all trying to the best we can and no matter what it's never going to be good enough.

Toxic Happiness is just that. No matter how much good there is. It will never out weight the amount of harm caused to achieve said happiness. Real human history proves this time and time again.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for reading this.

this might come as a shock

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