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Parts One and Two of the Mark-Up language
Part One:

 Assignment #1:
1) Animals: *Cat*
2) Faces: *Jamming* (Cause I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson)
3) Hands: *Peace2*
4) Party: *GiftT*
5) Miscellaneous: *Yinyang*
6) Tools: *WDC*
Assignment #2:
”Fold in the cheese, David!” (~Moira, from…”The” Creek)
“So, darling, save the last dance for me.”
Assignment #3:
”Fold in the cheese, David! I can’t teach you everything!” (Moira again)
“You know I’d paint the White House pink and never have to pay the rent.” (~Beth Hart, “Delicious Surprise”)
Assignment #4:
“And you would see the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say, “Thank you for bein’ a friend!”.
 “We’re going to bend…we’re going to bend…we’re going to bend and have some fun!” ~”Groove is in the Heart”
Assignment #5:
”When I go, little daisies won’t be caring’ who I am!”
 “Your bottom is a lot higher than most people’s.” (~Sophia Petrillo)
Assignment #6:
”That was a river, this is the ocean.” (~Colin Raye, “That Was a River”)
 ”That was a river, this is the ocean.”
 ”Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll!” (~ “Zero to Hero”, Herucles)
Assignment #7:
”That boy’s just a walk-away Joe.”
”That boy’s just a walk-away Joe.”

”That boy’s just a walk-away Joe.”

Assignment #8:
”Look inside, and find the part that’s leading you, ‘cause that’s the beat of the heart.” (~”That’s the Beat of the Heart”, from “Where the Heart Is”)
 ”And when I look back on the stars, it’ll be like a candle light at Central Park.” (~Rich Mullins, “Elijah”)
”Beat down on me like a waterfall.” (~Kelly again)

Part Two:

 Assignment #1:
 John ate most of the pie, not me! I only had one piece, but it was huge. *Wink*
Assignment #2:
 My To Do list:
           Learn how to indent this entire list.
           Learn how to strike through something.
           Learn how to make a word green.
           Learn how to increase a word to a Size 5.
Assignment #3:
 I like to boogie to the left.
I like to boogie to the right.

I like to boogie in the middle.

Assignment #4:
 COMIC          IMPACT          COURIER          TIMES          VERDANA
Assignment #5:
 my favorite font. *Heart*
Is this torture class over yet?*Crazy*
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