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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2252140
Pretending to go to the dark side.

Sandra pushed the button for the flashing button for the outside line as she picked up the receiver. She opened her mouth to give the standard greeting, but a familiar voice started talking before she could get a sound out.
“We have a problem.”
Sandra opened her mouth to speak again, but the voice rushed on. After listening for a few seconds, she signaled Bill, whose desk was in front of her switchboard with three fingers. He quietly picked up his receiver and keyed the button for line three.
Together they listened to the instructions and cautions the voice handed out in a rush.
“See you then,” it said finally.
Sandra looked at Bill.
“What do you make of that? Did the voice sound familiar to you?”
“It sure did, that was Roscoe Coltrane. He’s consiglieri to Don Madrone.”
Sandra gasped.
“Yep, the top made man around here. Sounds like a big job is going down. I’ll call Organized Crime!”
Sandra erased the recording of the call and went to lunch. While she was out, she used her burner cell to call Coltrane.
“What are you doing calling me at work? I told you never to do that! They record all the calls that come through my switchboard!”
“I got the changes, but so would they have, if I hadn’t erased the call record. Yeah, I’ll be there.”
“So you’ve gone to the dark side, Sandra?”
She turned and saw Bill.
“You don’t understand! I’m better than switchboard duty and I want to prove it. I’m gonna take down Madrone and his organization.”
“You and whose army?”
“I got backup but if you wanna come too, I’d be glad to have you.”
“You got it, Sandy! When and where?”
Sandra winced at the hated nickname, then explained in detail.

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