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Short Story
“Come on Sydney! It’s time to go! Are you ready yet?” Shouted my dad. “Y-y-Ya.” I said, but I really wasn't. I started to panic. There was not enough time to climb out of my window. "SYDNEY! COME DOWN!" He shouted. "Coming! I- I- I just need to grab my purse. Where are we even going?" I asked him. "My... my work. I want to show you to a friend. Now, COME ON before your mother comes home." He replied. The world was spinning and my hair clung to my forehead. Sweat dripped down my neck and the hairs of my arms stood. I didn't even realized I was shivering. My dad did not go to work. He did not have a work. "Just, come on! We will be back soon. Leave your phone here." He shouted. With a shaky hand I reached for the wooden doorknob. I took a shaky breath and cracked open the door and peered into my dads blue eyes. He had beautiful blue eyes, but that doesn't change the fact my real dad’s eyes are green.
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