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Words of the late Stuart Adamson. A lovely piece of writing.
In your fine green ware
I will walk with you tonight
In your raven hair
I will find the summer night

Upon far flung soil
I will run you through my head
In my daily toil
All the promises are said

For I know the weary can rise again
I know it all from the words you said

I will go, I will go
I will leave the firelight
I will go, I will go
For it's now the time is right

I will sing a young man's song
That you will sing
On remembrance day
I will be the sacrfice
And bells will ring
On remembrance day

I must leave this land
And the hunger that is here
But the place I stand
Is the one I love so dear

Like a flower in some forest
That the world will never see
I will stand so proud
For I know what we can be

This day, I will remember you
This way, I will always return.
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