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For the distorted minds comp written in response to prompt two
smoke gets in your eyes.

Written to prompt two

         Its Saturday night, and I'm out on the prowl, but my heart is not really in it. I could be jaded after the hedonistic excesses post lock-down, or I'm just getting old.
         Entering the Lord T pub, I saw her. Wearing a black and red blindfold, in public, sat near the corner of the bar. Sat there calm and cool, giving every impression of being oblivious to the effect she was having on everyone. She could not be that stupid.
         There is an odd smell of smoke in my nostrils. This has always been the way that my subconscious lets me know something is not right.
         It is not just the blindfold, the rest of her outfit was equally provocative. Big black comfortable knickers that just about shows through her three XL vest dress. A dress which hung precariously on her size fourteen frame. The wide round neck dipped to not far above her nipples, the large armholes extend down to just above her waist. The dresses' hemline was mid-thigh, and she had bare legs, and feet.
         I watched two men and a woman try and fail. Despite the blindfold, being master was a non-starter. The woman had the most success with a fairly direct approach, until she got handsy. Being touched without her being able to see it coming is a no no.
         Here goes nothing. "Excuse me, I need to ask. What's with the bare feet and blindfold."
         "You might need to ask, that doesn't mean I have to tell you."
         "No, I suppose it doesn't." Looking at the bare feet. "That dress makes you look like some sort of hippy chick. But you have too much refinement and poise for that."
         "Go on."
         "I don't know. The blindfold has got me beat."
         "I could be a masochist?"
         There's that whiff of smoke, again.
         "No. I've seen you flinch when someone touched your shoulder. The best thing I can come up with is you are wearing it because you lost a bet."
         "It is the bet. Part of it. You've been studying me, before you made your move."
         "half of the people here are watching you. And if I get shot down, there will be somebody else to take my place before you get to lonely."
         "Too late."
         ducking the obvious dead end, I asked. "Who would you have a bet with, that would lead you to this. No, don't tell me. Your mother. She wants a grandchild, and she thinks you are too picky about men's appearances."
         She laughs, and It's not too forced. "No. My baby sister. I was telling her off for always choosing ugly, moronic, creeps. So she challenged me to walk a mile in her shoes."
         "Her shoes?"
         she laughs. "The outfit. We have matching ones that we were going to wear for the 2020 summer festival season. And the blindfold is because she cannot see."
         "I may not the smartest man in the room, but I'm no creep. And as for ugly, take a peak."
         "No. And any way, what makes you think your in? There is plenty of time left to trade you in for something better."
         "There is a bit of a problem with your bet, and it is a dooze."
         "Yeah what's that?"
         "Only a creep would take advantage of a poor bind girl. But a beautiful woman in a blindfold, that's a challenge of a different order."
         She smiled whimsically, and we talked for a while. I was doing my best to lay the groundwork for the next time we meet. And to ignore the doubts of my nose. It turned out that Maggie, Karen's sister, sometimes drinks in the Lord T. her and a gang of lasses from work. I saw her to a taxi at the end of the night, expecting a kiss and a brush-off, but hoping for just a little encouragement. A see you around, or better yet, see you next week. Instead, she said. "Get in, you can explain to Maggie why she is wrong. Besides, I will need you to see me from the taxi to the front door.
         The taxi ride was quite quick. But the smoky smell was definitely coming from Karen. And sort of acrid, like burnt wire.
         Leading Karen up the garden path, towards the completely dark house, My drunken mind flooded with possibilities. Not all of them pleasant. Karen opened the front door, switching on the hall light, even though she was still wearing the blindfold. "Are you still up?"
         "Yes, I'm in here reading. Waiting to see how you cheated?"
         I could just about see Maggie, was laid on the sofa in the living room. She was wearing a vivid short red nightie that caught the light. And from what little I could see she had the same body confidence issues as her sister, none.
         Alarm bells were going of in my mind, electric fire, electric fire, fire!
         "The cheat returns, what have you brought me."
         "Nothing. I brought Ted home with me because he has something to tell you. Go on, tell her what you told me about her sex life!"
         This is dodgy. I screwed up my nose whilst thinking how to rephrase what I had said earlier when she interrupted. "Sorry about the smell, daft arse set fire to her hair dryer when getting ready,"

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