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by K.HBey
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Lisa is rewarded by her school and gets one month's holidays with her schoolmates.

The strawberry girl

"Lisa; you have been selected with some of your schoolmates as the students who will be rewarded because you have been all first of your class. You will be getting one month's summer holidays with the school. You are a brilliant student indeed. Your reward is to be at the seashore. It will be fun. Isn't it ?"

Lisa; a young girl of ten and that gets a blond strawberry complexion; red hair; and blue eyes; becomes suddenly sad.
"What's the matter, Lisa? Is there any problem with your parents? They will not agree? We will talk with them. No worry!" Maria; the teacher replies.
"No; they will agree. Thanks a lot for selecting me; madam".

"Congratulations; my love;" their parents say.
"I am afraid not be able to swim with my friends and schoolmates;" Lisa replies.
"Don't worry! Lisa; we will accompany you by car"; her father says.
"It will be fun; Lisa;" her mother adds and hugging her.

All the children are swimming and playing at the shore despite Lisa who has hidden herself in a corner close to a rock under a palm. She becomes blueish because she is cold. Still wearing her white cotton t.shirt with long sleeves and long pants. She is afraid that her body will be touched by the sun's rays or that one part of her frail tabby skin will be unveiled.

"Hi! Lisa; please come to swim with us;" Emily says pulling hard on her sleeve.
"Ho! What's that on your skin?" Emily asks withdrawing herself from Lisa.
"You are a naughty girl;" Lisa replies completely angry and pushing away Emily.
"Sorry; Lisa; I do not want to offend you. But you may be contagious and I should talk with our supervisor"; Emily replies.
Lisa is completely overwhelmed and crying. She goes running to search for her parents losing completely her mind.

The strawberry girl/Chapter one/231 words/ June 15th, 2021

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